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Aug 2, 2007

MAC Painterly and In3D

So..............I went against my word in my prior blogs about Painterly and In3D and I went ahead and purchased some of the bits and bobs that were released!

First off I should say that I'm not completely sold on Painterly yet! Lots of tugging to be had during application which kinda freaks me out! But I've decided maybe applying with a brush is the way to go with these! You can see my very first review and FOTD with Delft in a prior blog! When I seen the display basically some of the colors sorta screamed at me and thus I walked away with 4 colors!

Moss Scape

These are great colors and I'm looking forward to trying to convince myself to love these!

I also ended up snatching up some of the new technakohls because really we can never have too many eyeliner pencils right?

I ended up getting:

I also happened to fall in love with In3D! These shocked me as I'm not normally MAC's biggest cheerleader when it comes to their glosses! But these are a good solid product and I think they should keep this formula around! It doesn't have the normal sponge applicator but a brush like applicator which I love! I always feel like a brush applicator catches more product and you don't have to keep dipping and layering! Some of the colors were just really gorgeous and pretty pigmented to the point that you won't need stain or lipstick under these!

The colors I ended up getting were:

I did rant a bit in my last blogs about these new color stories but overall a nice haul of products this time so I take back some of the rants ;)

MuseTV decided it wanted it's time in the spotlight as well so I present a video of MAC's newest color stories (Sorry for my lack of enthusiasm I'm just dead tired tonight so these videos aren't so great)!


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MuseTV Presents: Must Have Beauty Staples

Hello there!

I have quite a few fans on youTube that really enjoy my videos (Why they do is beyond me but thanks guys!)! These girls really have some incredible ideas for new video blogs that they want to see!

Someone had a special request for Must Have Beauty Staples! Items that I love, adore, and generally always have on hand!

This is a video blog of some of those items!

I hope you all find it helpful in adding additions to your must have items!

Many thanks for the great ideas!

If you have a suggestion for a video do comment and let me know what you'd like to see!

MuseTV Presents: A Special Request of Must Have Beauty Items

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Aug 1, 2007

Stila Warehouse Sale

Those lucky enough to live in California were able to partake of the pagan ritual (I'm kidding it isn't pagan but sometimes the general idea of a huge cosmetic sale and a buncha girls running to grab everything they can could possibly appear cult like to the non cosmetic whore) of this sale were able to nab some AMAZING deals! We hate you all, ever last stinking one of you (I'm kidding of course but damn I love drama)!

Sigh. Now that I've expressed my dislike for people that got super deals at this sale I shall go on ;)

Well, the bad news is I wasn't able to nab any of the deals as I wasn't anywhere near California during this massive sale! They had palettes for $8 bucks each!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $8 bucks???! That must be illegal in some states!

God, I'm so depressed right now.

Anyway, the good news is that some of the palettes were pretty rare and although people paid far less for them during the warehouse sale it's obvious they'll end up on E-bay for heaps more!

But in a way that's good news for the avid collector because if you happened to have either never nabbed these palettes before or want to add something special to your existing Stila collection now is a good time to search on E-bay and see what sort of deals you can nab!

I've seen the following deals:
Spring Trio Duos for $19.99 which were originally $25 (They probably paid $8-$12 for it but still that's a good deal at $19.99)
Wicked Special Edition Kits ranging from $19.99-$24.99 (Can't recall the original price of these but they have been long gone and they are now popping up all over E-bay)
Spring Ephemeral Trio for $34 (I was just asking my lovely mate Haru about this and now several have popped up on E-bay! These are going for about the original price they were in Asia which isn't a bad deal at all in my humble opinion! During the sale these went for $8 but I still think $34 for the palette is quite the steal)
Various Stila Girl Trio Shadows Ranging from $9.99-$14.99 (Can't really recall the original price of these but at these prices that's a deal as well)!

Many deals are to be had on E-bay and even though some people are profiting from the sale (Hey it's a dog eat dog world I guess!) I still think it's great to nab some good deals at the moment as many of these items are difficult to find at the moment and now the market is saturated with great vintage Stila!

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Japanese youTube Video

I wandered over to visit my little friend Eru's blog on myspace and she had thee most awesome youTube video up!

I don't wanna steal her thunder and post her video here so if you'd like to see it visit her blog here.

Many brands I've done blogs on are featured in the video! You have to be sure to watch the complete video because at the end they feature awesome press on shadow! Now I've seen press on before and I can even get some here from Cargo! But these are amazing as they contain not 1 color but 3!

The Japanese are so innovative in all things and something as mundane as press shadow that has three shades just flips me out! Really a cool product!

If you aren't familiar with press shadow here are ones that Cargo has released about two years ago or so:

Now the general idea of the color cards from Cargo are beauty simplicity at it's best! However, this isn't nearly as simple as the press shadows featured in the video! The Cargo cards are meant to be used with a brush or a fingertip! The ones in the video take this a step further by allowing you to press them onto your eye area, slip them off, blend with your finger tip a bit and PRESTO! gorgeous shadow!

This, my friends, is why Japanese brands get my money a majority of the time! Superb!

Do check it out and if you have a myspace account I'm sure Eru would appreciate your comments about whatcha think!



Another ho-hum release from MAC this week! I can't get too excited at the prospect of new MAC gloss as I don't even like their lines of glosses all that much anyway!

Looks like my wallet is saved again! Thanks MAC my credit card thanks you for the reprieve!

In 3D is available for a limited time so you might want to snatch one or two colors up...I may be tempted, we shall see!

This Color Story Consists of:

3D Glass

* Apex - Sheer orange with green pearl (LE)
* Boundless - Pinky red with blue pearl (LE)
* Backlit - White gold with yellow and white pearl (LE)
* Algorithm - Dusty rose with light pink pearl (LE)
* Racy - Sheer cherry red with pink and red pearl (LE)
* Optical - Caramel brown with pink pearl (LE)
* Wondershine - Tangerine with gold and red pearl (LE)
* Lightswitch - Sheer metallic pink with white pearl (LE)
* Touchpoint - Blue mid tone pink with white pearl (LE)
* Energy - Baby pink with white/pink pearl (LE)
* Synched up - Tan with pink and white pearl (LE)
* In 3D - Peach pink with blue pearl (LE)

Lipglass Pencil

* Rosebound - neutral pink with gold pearl (LE)
* Plum mate - Sheer plum (LE)
* Red stroke - Cherry red (LE)
* Part nude - Plum brown (LE)
* Neutralzone - Caramel with gold pearl (LE)
* Coral craze - Mid tone orange (LE)
* Pink edge - Mid tone pink with white pearl (LE)
* Brickmate - Bronze brown with gold pearl (LE)
* Fuschia lining - Sheer berry pink (LE)


MAC Painterly

MAC's newest color story, Painterly, is released in North America this week! This collection consists of 12 new paint pots!

The Color Story Consists of:

Paint Pots

* Artifact - Dark burgundy with red pearl
* Bare Study - Champagne with gold and white pearl
* Blackground - Smoky black grey with multi colored pearl
* Constructivist - Metallic dark brown with red pearl
* Delft - Deep teal with gold pearl
* Fresco Rose - Mid tone pink with mid tone pearl
* Groundwork - Mid tone neutral taupe
* Greenstroke - Mint green with gold pearl
* Indianwood - Metallic antique bronze
* Moss Scape - Green with gold pearl
* Painterly - Nude beige
* Rubenesque - Mid tone frosted golden peach with gold and pink pearl

Technakohl Liner

* Antiquity - Rich olive green with green pearl
* Archival - Faded royal blue (LE)
* Foxtail - Metallic plum with red pearl (LE)
* Photogravure - Soft black with brown undertone
* Plank - Chocolate brown with brown pearl
* Steelpoint - Charcoal with silver pearl (LE)


* Large feather Lash Set

These are have been long over due and eagerly anticipated! Shadesticks and regular paints are quite popular among MAC fans so these new paint pots should appeal to the masses! These are not limited edition items and will be added to the general catalog so if your lemming is on you hard and your cash flow might be low you can wait on these for a while as they aren't going anywhere!

I'm curious if these are replacing the old style paints! But I'm doubtful as these are entirely new colors!

I was lucky enough to snatch one of these early as Nordstrom introduced them during the Novel Twist release. I did a Face of the Day and a short review about the pot I had gotten and it can be found here.

I'm not entirely sure how excited I am about this release! Dare I say I might not even bother heading to the MAC counter to have a peek at the colors!

How about you? Getting any of these?


Jul 31, 2007

Matte is Where it's At!

For the self confessed glitter haters I am the barer of good news! Urban Decay has introduced 12 New Shades of Matte shadows! Oh my! I want them all! Yes, I did say that so get over it! I'm an avid collector of UD shadows and nothing will stop me from getting these! Well...maybe I'll wait an itty bitty while before ordering..but it shouldn't be too long!

I've read a few blogs and they had mentioned that Urban Decay "promised" the shadows to be pigmented. This seems like a question. Is there any doubt these will be awesome? Come on...let's be honest...these are going to reign supreme in our collection and possibly go for hand to hand combat with MAC matte shadows!

I'm also hearing general excitement about Narcotic a bright turquoise!!! Oh the my! I, too, felt like it was Christmas upon seeing this gorgeous hue! It's turquoise which means I'm all over that like candy!

Hmmmm...but my brain begins to kick in and I stop thinking with my excited emotions and I realize wait a sec...this looks like freaking Piccadilly! Now I'm in a panic....a gorgeous shade of turquoise that just may be a rerun? Jesus, what an excitement killer!

How terribly wrong of Urban Decay to get my hopes up only to have them crushed by the idea that this very may well be a spin off of Piccadilly!

Narcotic Matte Eyeshadow

My Beloved, Rare, Long Ago Discontinued Piccadilly

Anyway the moral of the story is I still absolutely want Narcotic and the other 11 shades! However, Narcotic still seems to have the look of Piccadilly to it! I can cross my fingers that maybe, just maybe it's even more vibrant and bold than Piccadilly!

The 12 New Shades Are:

Chronic: Bright Light Green
ABC Gum: Pale Peach
Foxy: Light Neutral
Narcotic: Bright Turquoise
Revolver: Stone Gray
Perversion: Jet Black
Secret Service: Medium Brown
Illegal: Smoky Rose
Cult: Eggplant
Naked: Buff Nude
Purple Haze: Bright Purple (Ooo! Cool! Purple Haze sans Glitter!)
Yeyo: Powder White

I think these will be great for layering with the regular Urban Decay shadows! All in All some nice shades in this bunch and long over do as plenty of people found application with UD shadows a general mess! Personally I love 'em and never had much problem with fall outs but I know some people who are sure to be happy with a matte formula!

Speak to me!

Are these on your wish list? Do you love the old Urban Decay shadows? Prefer these matte ones?

Comment box at the ready!

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Adventures in Shadesticking

After reading many, many, many, many, many have I mentioned many? many, reviews about how wonderful, amazing, fantastic, and brilliant MAC shadesticks are I decided to crack open my box of Dress Set Shade Sticks and pull out the Sea Me Shadestick for a try!

Remember kids I don't like cream shadows but I can be converted maybe, kinda, sorta....

I used the Sea Me Shadestick prior to applying some Steel Blue pigment and was quite impressed at the results! I thought for sure I was heading into dangerous, messy brush territory! But it worked a treat and for your eyes, here is what it came up with:

What I used:
Sea Me Shadestick
Steel Blue Pigment
MJ Shadow in WT920
MJ Neo Expander
MJ Lash Bond (Sorry in my video blog I was calling the Lash Bond by the wrong name)

I also used the Lavshuca gloss in this FOTD over some Lavshuca lipstick!

Jul 30, 2007

Picking Apart My Best Feature

I don't have many good features. To me my entire body, face, and everything in between just isn't what I want! If I could, I'd change it all in a flash! But I can't sadly and I'm stuck with my lot in life ;)

I have a hard time picking out my best feature but after some careful consideration I have to say my best feature would have to be my skin! My skin is just good, period.

I had fantastic teenager years with it and nary a problem! I had lovely twenties years with it and nary a problem there either! And finally I'm heading into 30 (Hell, I'll go right ahead and blow my own horn here! I don't look a day over 20! Some people think I'm all of 16 or 17! I get carded when buying movie tickets! I stopped at the Clinique counter in Macy's once and had the Makeup Artist ask me where my mummy was and please to not touch the lipsticks!! I'm looking forward to 60 when I'll look 30 hehehe) soon and so far, tap wood, it's a ok!

Now I can't take credit for it at all! My good skin has everything to do with a great skin care products! Some of which I discussed in my video!

My main skincare has been Lush for quite a while now! I used to use Clinique and after that Philosophy (I still am a philosophy girl in some aspects of my cleaning routine)! I've used quite a few products that have never fully worked for me! But I must say Lush has been very good to my skin and I've come out with blemish free, smooth, lovely skin all the way around!

Lush skincare has an adapting period, it's the same with Lush haircare. When I say adapt it simply means your skin has to grow accustomed to a moisturizer/toner/cleanser/etc...that's has some to no preservatives! Your skin will thank you within a month's time of developing a good skincare routine with Lush however it does need to a bit of time to work!

All my Lush is purchased from the Lush UK website! If you have the means to do so I highly recommend you too get it from there as well, shipping isn't as expensive as you may think plus it actually evens itself out as the products UK side are cheaper and by the time you add in shipping you are paying equal or sometimes even less than an order you'd do here stateside. I find the products on the other side of the pond fresher, with a different texture, and just better all around!

MuseTV Presents: A Short Video Of Lush Products

To go over my main skincare routine I'll do a morning and a evening routine for you.

My skincare in the morning consists of:

In the Shower:
Baby Face All over my face
Sweet Japanese Girl rubbed on my nose
Ocean Salt Scrubbed all over my face (Three Times a Week no Coalface used the days I use Ocean Salt)
Coalface scrubbed all over my face (4 Times a Week No Ocean Salt the days I use Coalface)

Out of the Shower:
Prep Skin with Tea Tree Oil (If it's a humid, hot day)
Prep Skin with Breath of Fresh Air (If it's a cooler day)
Moisturize with Gorgeous (If it's a summer day or hot day)
Skins Shangra La (If it's a winter day)
Apply Makeup

My Skincare in the Evening consists of:
Remove Eye Makeup with Lancome Eye Makeup Remover
Wash Face with Philosophy Purity
Angels on Bare Skin Work Into Paste and Scrub Onto Face
Follow with Fresh Farmacy
Depending on how try my skin is I'll use Skin Shangra La or When Hope is Not Enough as my night cream
Apply Enchanted Eye Cream

It seems like one too many steps but in the end it does pay off! My skin has never looked so good thanks to Lush and I can't begin to say how great the skincare line is! If you're interested in trying it but not buying it you can stop into your local Lush for some samples of the products! They are happy to decant small amounts into tiny containers to take home with you to sample out! They'll also gladly cut you off slices of Fresh Fharmacy and Coalface to try!

If you'd like to try the skincare routine out but not invest a ton of money they have some really cute portable skincare kits!

These kits are 19.99 and include a variety of skincare products to try out in mini size! Two Kits are currently available and they are for normal skin and combo/dry skin!

The kits are available stateside only so if you're placing an order with Lush UK these are unavailable at this time! I'm doubtful Mark (Lush's Founder and Owner) would even consider adding these to the UK lineup as he is big on minimal packaging and very conscious of the enviroment. These use a bit more packaging than the normal range of products which isn't what Lush UK stands for! So..if you love'll need to do an order from Lush NA!

Please keep in mind all products from Lush expire within a years time! All products are very fresh with little to no preservatives added which give them a shelf life of about a year! I store my perishable Lush in a mini fridge I have for Skincare. Some items such as Angels on Bare Skin, Face Masks, and a few other bits are only good for about 4-5 months. I have found as long as you don't get Angels on Bare Skin wet you can keep it around for a good 8 months or more!

Happy Family

Fresh Farmacy Slices

Fresh Farmacy Wet and Lathered Up!

Fresh Farmacy is purchased in any size you want! Soaps and some skincare products are purchased in different sizes at Lush! It's much like walking into a deli and asking for a slice of this or that! Soap is cut to your size specifications, weighted, wrapped and purchased! Fresh Farmacy comes in a large wheel and is cut to the size you'd like! Normally online the sizes are 3.5oz chunks which in my opinion is plenty enough to last you a good 5 to 6 months! When I get my chunk I cut it into slices and use the chunks one at a time. You can use the entire bar but I prefer small slices! Basically I use this as my last step of the cleaning process prior to moisturizing in the evenings! Some people feel that it leaves a film on your face afterwards and they use a toner to remove it but I don't I just apply my moisturize and that's about it! I like the film it leaves behind it makes me feel like it's working! My forehead is somewhat oily and prone to small breakouts this clears it right up! If you have mild, medium, or even severe acne this is a great product for clearing up your woes!


Coalface Wet and Lathered Up! See the little grains of coal?

Coalface is something I use on a regular day to day base! I use it more days than Ocean Salt because I find it's more gentle. Ocean Salt is more of a course scrub where as Coalface is more of a gentle exfoliator that you can use daily without feeling like you're over doing it! It does indeed contain really tiny grains of coal in it and the smell may or may not appeal to you! I've grown to love the scent! It seems primitive but it's actually very effective in drying your face up if you're prone to oily skin and it's also wonderful for any minor acne problems you may have! I use it on my entire face to scrub away flaky skin! I works really well but do be careful as it will dry your skin out a tiny bit more than you want it too! This is sold "off the block" and cut into sizes as I explained above with Fresh Farmacy.

Sweet Japanese Girl

Awww she isn't so sweet in this picture is she?

Ahh that's better! Here's what she looks like prior to getting wet :)

She's quite a good piece of skincare for your beauty arsenal! I love nose strips! Use 'em all the time and swear by 'em! However, nose strips sometimes don't always get the really deeply embedded blackheads and clogged pores on my nose! When they fail to lift that gunk away I turn to this sweet little girl to wipe them all away! She's quite simple to use! Best $10 you'll spend in this life! She has two sides, a softer side and a grainy hard side! Basically you swipe her grainy, hard side over your nose a few times you then flip her over and swipe her soft side over your nose rubbing in circular motions to get the grains working into your nose! This loosens any blackheads you may have and those little nasties will wash away with warm water! Presto! Easy as 1-2-3! This takes a bit of work and may even take 2-5 uses before you see them disappear but upon using her day to day you'll notice less and less blackheads! Mainly she keeps to my nose area and the sides of my nose but some people choose to use her all over the face area! She's too harsh for me to use everywhere so I stick to my nose!

Baby Face

Ahh Baby Face! Sweet Japanese Girl's little brother! This guy is the same formula as Sweet Japanese Girl minus the grainy bits! He's smooth and melty and can be used all over your face for some much needed moisture during cold winter months when you skin feels just a little too tight for your face! He's filled with lovely shea butter that melts upon contact with hot water! Some people choose to use him without water I find he melts better with it! This is perfect for rubbing in between my brow area where I get a bit of dry skin from plucking my brows! He's quite greasy and oily but with a little hot water it'll all wash away leaving your skin wonderfully smooth! He's no good for you if your skin is very oily but if you're a combo skin type or a dry skin type he's perfect and he'll love your skin! With Sweet Japanese Girl and Baby Face I stock up about 6-7 of these prior to April. Reason being is the weather becomes warm and these guys will melt pretty fast when shipped over! So be sure to get a nice little stash into your fridge prior to the warmer months!

Baby Face Prior to losing his face to hot water!

Both fit quite perfect in Lush's shampoo tins! When I travel or I'm not using them I store them in one! Be sure you dry them out fully prior to slapping them in the tin otherwise you'll open the tin the next day to a mess!

Mask of Magnaminty

Lush carries several facial masks in store which are very fresh! These masks last for about 2-3 weeks stored in your fridge but no longer! All are quite good! Mask of Magnaminity or MoM to her devotees is the only Mask that has a shelf life of about 3 months, can be stored in your medicine cabinet, and is sold via mail order (no other mask is)! I think MoM is so popular because of the scent. It smells like chocolate chip mint ice cream which makes it hugely appealing to the masses! Personally I've seen very little results in any skin improvements when using it! It is good for scrubbing away dead skin cells but aside from that I've never seen anything more. Some people claim it removes redness from their faces (I don't suffer from this problem), unclogs pores (never did for me), and removes excess oil (nope still oily after use). I do purchase it randomly when ordering but not as a staple product in my skincare routine! I prefer heading to the Lush shop and picking up a Cupcake fresh mask which smells almost the same, rids me of oily bits, clears my pores, and makes my tired face feel refreshed! The only benefits to MoM is the scent because I've never seen it do much for me! Sadly, Lush Fresh Masks are available in store only! But if you happen to live in the UK, as I hope to soon, you can order these online and have them shipped happily to your door! Lush UK does NOT ship Fresh Masks to the US only to UK residents only (anything else it will ship to our little pond but not masks)!

Angels on Bare Skin

Angels on Bare Skin is advertised as a facial cleanser. Personally I couldn't remove make-up with this even if I tried really hard! However, it is a wonderfully gentle exfoliater! I love using this after cleaning my face with Purity! Only a dime size amount is all you need! You take the small amount, add a drop of water, and rub, rub, rub until a paste forms! Apply to your face in circular motions and rinse! Gorgeous skin! This really helps me with any breakouts I have on my forehead and also prevents oily skin on my forehead area! Truly a lovely product! Big thumbs up!


Gorgeous is Lush's most posh and pricey moisturizer! This costs about $70 per pot! However, it does last a year through, at least it does for me! $70 a year for a perfect pot of moisturizer isn't too much to pay for gorgeous skin! Personally I believe that Gorgeous is perfect for all skin types. It's super light and absorbs very quickly! Doesn't dry skin out, doesn't make your skin oily, it does what it says it'll do which is make your skin gorgeous! It quite smells like Fruit Loops to me which I enjoy ;) I've used plenty of moisturizers and this is by far the best I've come across! Keeps my skin very happy!

Skin Shangra La

Skin Shangra La is Lush's 2nd most expensive moisturizer but far cheaper to Gorgeous! It's quite good as a nightcream but I use it mostly in the winter months because my skin is so tight and dry during the cold weather season! If you suffer from dry skin this is your escape to soft, dewy, blissfully moist skin! It's rather perfect in all ways! But mind yourself and use it sparsely! A dab will do just fine! It's super emollient which can cause mega oily skin if you aren't careful with it!

Ocean Salt

Ahh Ocean Salt quite a multitasking demon it is! It can be used all over your body! Legs, knees, elbows, and all those rough little areas that need a good healthy scrub! And of course, most important of all, it can be used to scrub away dead skin cells on your face! This works a perfect treat for getting your skin into a state of blushing perfection! I normally use Baby Face prior, rinse a bit, and on goes Ocean Salt for a good hardcore Scrub! This may not be good if you have sensitive skin so try a tiny amount prior to a scoopful! This contains all sorts of goodies! Real, fresh goodies! Coconut, Lime, Lemon oh my! It smells just like a Margarita! Prior to using your Ocean Salt I suggest taking a chop stick inserting it into the jar and giving it a nice stir up! The sea salt on top will be mixed in quite nicely that way! Great for clogged pores, minor pimples, oily skin, and more! As I said, quite the multitasker!


Ultrabland has disguised itself in this little jar! Shhhhh it's actually Baby Face but in a different format completely! Not so solid but creamy now ;) It's advertised as a cleanser and is quite good at removing eye makeup and general gunk from your face but I mostly use it after cleaning my face with Purity! I use it about three or four times a week during winter months to moisturize my face! Take a tiny amount apply to face and rinse with hot water! Smooth beautiful skin! Not recommended for oily folks!

Two products pictured in my Happy Family shot that I haven't taken close ups photos of but are worth mentioning would be Tea Tree Oil and Breath of Fresh Air!

Tea Tree Oil is perfect for getting your skin to behave itself when it wants to be oily! Spray prior to moisturizing and you'll see your skin will be quite matte and wonderful for make-up application! Lasts all day on me and keeps my forehead from becoming a mirror!

Breath of Fresh Air I keep nice and cold in my fridge and I spray it on prior to moisturizing in the winter months! It's perfect for prepping any skin type for moisturizer!

I think that about covers my favorite skin care products and how I achieve a good illusion of near perfect skin! I hope this helps you make the proper purchase for your skin! I strongly recommend trying Lush out for a week or two and see what your skin feels like after!

I want to know what you think! Do you use Lush now? What are your favorite skincare products? My comment box is at the ready!

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Jul 29, 2007


Oh noes the boring, serious stuff!

I'm just a simple, everyday, average girl that's extremely passionate about the cosmetic world and enjoys writing about makeup, skincare, and other bits and bobs.

What's this mean?

It means anything I choose to review here at Musings is based on my own personal experiences with a product. This means what I love, you might not love or what I hate, you may adore! Everyone is different and that's what makes this fine world go around. Different strokes, for different folks. Results may vary on makeup, skincare, or bath and body items I review. Please keep in mind I am not liable for any problems that should arise from trying out a product I review here. If you break in a rash, have a bad hair day, or end up with dry skin I'm not responsible for these problems. Please use any and all cosmetics or items featured on my blog with caution and safety in mind, no ingesting lipstick because it smells nice!

All my reviews, opinions, and other general babblings expressed here are my own and based on my experience with a product. I am not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned on my blog nor do I endorse them and they do not endorse me. I am not paid for my reviews, I do not get a pay check for any of the work and writings you see here aside from the ad network I am a part of, I have a full time job and blogging is not it. Anything discussed on this site is expressed as my own opinion and I reserve the right to my own opinion when discussing cosmetics, products, or anything else I choose to babble as this is a personal weblog. Any ads I run on my site are served by Total Beauty Network and 99% of the products advertised in these ads have never been reviewed on Musings. The items advertised in the ads are not endorsed by me they are simply random ads served by the Total Beauty Ad Network. Any links embedded in my posts are not affiliate links so I do not get paid if you click them or purchase a product. I receive no commission from these links or any purchases you make. They are simply links to point you in the direction of where a product can be purchased or looked at closer should you desire to learn more about it. Although I have no plans to do so now I reserve the right to include an affiliate link in future posts if I desire it however you will be alerted within said post if it includes an affiliate.

Occasionally images found on the web and believed to be in the public domain are used on this site. I don’t claim to be the owner of such images. All visual content are copyrighted to their respectful owner. If you are the owner of an image and want it removed, please, email me and I will do so as soon as possible.

85% of the cosmetics you see reviewed on Musings of a Muse are purchased with my own hard earned cash. About 15% are given to me from various companies for review. Just because I am given a product for reviews DOES NOT mean I rave about it. All reviews are expressed with complete honesty. Another words just because it's free does not mean it gets a glowing, raving review. There are no free rides here.

If it's good expect many raves. If it's bad expect some major rants!

Rest assured you'll only ever get my truest opinion on everything that's featured in a review here.

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MuseTV Presents: Fall Collection Haul

'ello there!

I was lucky enough to get a delightful little package in the mail of which contained the Fall Japanese goodies!

I did a video blog of 'em for you guys! I've added in pics as well and will be doing reviews and Face of the Days pics very soon!

MuseTV Presents: Fall Collection Haul:

Please excuse the poor quality of the pictures :( I normally take photos with my trusty Kodak DX6490. I decided that I'd go with cute and super portable so I purchased a Sony Cyber Shot T20 this past week! I was excited to have a smaller cam to use for taking pics for my blog and just generally toting around for small shots here and there!

My DX6490 is only 4MP's has a virtually no ISO so the T20 was quite appealing at 8MP with an obscene ISO, HD output, onscreen editing, and a tons of other bells and whistles.

Upon getting it in the mail I flipped out at how cute it was. I proceeded to try some Face of the Day pics plus some additional variety, random shots's crap. I strongly suggest not bothering! I've just now finished wrapping it up and it's going right back for a full return! I am astounded at the crap quality of the pics! Everything had a weird orange tinge too it plus the ISO had a setting of 300 because anything more would cause some mega crap quality photos!

Do tell me whatcha think of these pics taken with the cybershot as compared to my older pics in my blog taken with my trusty kodak!

I've been sorely tempted to purchase a Nikon D40 but can't justify the cost for a hobbyist like myself. It'd be far different if I had a family with children and such but just to purchase the D40 for hobby shots of cosmetics, some vacation photos, and random shots seems just a silly purchase really! I adore photography but the general idea of the D40 seems a spoiled indulgence on my part!


On to the pics :)

New Lavashuca Palettes

Older Lavshuca Palette, New Color!

New Lavshuca Glosses

Lavshuca Glitter Mascara

MJ Honey Plump Glosses

MJ Fall Eyeshadows

New MJ Mascara and Neo Lash Expander

MJ Fall Collection Glosses

MJ Fall Collection Eyeliners

KATE Fall Shadow Collection

KATE Gel Eyeliners

KATE Dual Carat Eyeshadow

Kiss Lipgloss

Maqulliage Pressed Powder

Visee Eyeshadow Palette

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