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Jan 29, 2010

When it comes to skin care I'm a creature of habit. I haven't changed what I use on my face in years and years. I've been a Lush skin care guru for many a fine year now and if you tell me of some new and exciting skin care that works wonders for you, chances are I'll turn up my nose and go back to my beloved Lush.

I also happen to be the world's cheapest person on the planet when it comes to skin care. I hate dishing out big dollars for moisturizers, toners, eye creams, etc...that promise me the world and fail to deliver. It's the worst feeling when spending $100 USD on an eye cream that can't even come through on the small promises it makes such as de-puffing my eye area!

I ventured out of my well worn skin care path for over a month now and discovered the pleasures and joys of using The Somme Institute Skin Care System. I know, I know the first thing you are probably concerned about is price and I am too. Sadly this completely system does not come cheap but honestly do we really mind shelling out our hard earned dollars on something if it works? I don't mind in the least. If it works, if it keeps it's promises, and if it delivers I will pay millions for it!

In this case The Somme Institute Skin Care Collection comes through and the Muse can't be more pleased with the results!

I was able to test this great collection out for over a month as I had mentioned and I'm dismayed to say that when I originally got it I was somewhat scared of the price and the promises but all that aside let me explain the ups, downs, pros, and cons!

This is a simple 5 step system that gets your skin from blah to wow in a very short time! You KNOW how picky I am and if I'm telling you it's good that definately means it is good!

5 Steps to Great Looking Skin:

  • Nourishing Cleanser
  • Transport
  • Serum
  • A-Bomb
  • Double Defense
  • BRAND NEW to the Line: Eye (I cheated! It's 6 Steps!)
I think I'll start by mention


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