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Jan 30, 2010

The Body Shop Teal Tree Oil Blackhead Minimizing Mask Review

The Body Shop Teal Tree Oil Blackhead Minimizing Mask is a green mask made with tea tree oil which is known to combat oily skin. The mask is used to unclog pores and helps prevent blacks while controlling shine.

It's recommend you smear the mask on, let it sit for 15 minutes, and peel off. I purchased this to use on my nose as I read on MUA it was some sort of miracle worker for removing blackheads.

Umm nope.

The mask is a wet white silicon mask that turns a light shade of green when in contact with your skin. Once on it just feels like a cold, wet, gooey mess. Once it dries it doesn't quite "peel off" so you're left rubbing it off

Jan 29, 2010

Tarte Indelible Wink Review

Tarte's Indelible Wink has been around a while in a standard black color however for Fall Tarte has introduced a new Plum shade that's quite sexy for a smoked eye look!

Our liquid liner & shadow set is sure to make you feel like a vixen. Maybe you’ll play it safe with a sleek, budgeproof line or go a little edgy with a smudged, sexified look.

Line ‘em and leave ‘em in 5 seconds flat.

How the get that indelible wink (and keep ‘em coming back for more):
1. Starting at the inner corner of the eye, line your upper lid with the liquid liner—keeping the liner tip as close to the lashline as possible.
2. Using the powder liner tip, gently retrace over the liquid liner—this will smooth, set and blend the line.

Color Descriptions:
Black: True black liquid liner and matching matte shadow
Charcoal: Charcoal grey liquid liner and matching matte shadow
Brown: Deep brown liquid liner and matching matte shadow
Plum: Deep purple liquid liner and matching matte shadow

When it comes to skin care I'm a creature of habit. I haven't changed what I use on my face in years and years. I've been a Lush skin care guru for many a fine year now and if you tell me of some new and exciting skin care that works wonders for you, chances are I'll turn up my nose and go back to my beloved Lush.

I also happen to be the world's cheapest person on the planet when it comes to skin care. I hate dishing out big dollars for moisturizers, toners, eye creams, etc...that promise me the world and fail to deliver. It's the worst feeling when spending $100 USD on an eye cream that can't even come through on the small promises it makes such as de-puffing my eye area!

I ventured out of my well worn skin care path for over a month now and discovered the pleasures and joys of using The Somme Institute Skin Care System. I know, I know the first thing you are probably concerned about is price and I am too. Sadly this completely system does not come cheap but honestly do we really mind shelling out our hard earned dollars on something if it works? I don't mind in the least. If it works, if it keeps it's promises, and if it delivers I will pay millions for it!

In this case The Somme Institute Skin Care Collection comes through and the Muse can't be more pleased with the results!

I was able to test this great collection out for over a month as I had mentioned and I'm dismayed to say that when I originally got it I was somewhat scared of the price and the promises but all that aside let me explain the ups, downs, pros, and cons!

This is a simple 5 step system that gets your skin from blah to wow in a very short time! You KNOW how picky I am and if I'm telling you it's good that definately means it is good!

5 Steps to Great Looking Skin:

  • Nourishing Cleanser
  • Transport
  • Serum
  • A-Bomb
  • Double Defense
  • BRAND NEW to the Line: Eye (I cheated! It's 6 Steps!)
I think I'll start by mention

Prescriptives Camouflage Cream Concealer Review

Diorskin Extreme Fix Review

God knows how long it's been since I originally purchased Dior Extreme Fix. Hmmmm I'd say I got it February?

"But Muse why did you take so long to blog about it?"

I've had my lab coat on and have been extensively testing this before giving you my final word and thoughts.

Well...maybe I don't have any final word yet since I can honestly say I'm not even sure if I like it or not.

I've been using this every single day for at least 3 months or more and I can't make up my mind if it's a Hit or a Miss!

What the hell is Diorskin Extreme Fix anyway? What's it do? Who needs it?

This is a translucent finishing powder. I know, I know big fat deal who cares! Tried one powder you've tried 'em all!

Not really in this case the powder happens to be packed full of fun silicons that promise to make your foundation last and last and last. I purchased this after reading a rather rave review from my mate's blog at Divalicious Glamazon. I also happened upon some startling wonderful reviews on MUA where it received a rating of 5.0!

I'm not really show if I love this yet in all honesty. It just feels like a glorified finishing powder to me. It hasn't really made my

Aquafina Advanced Hydration Overnight Recovery Moisturizer Review

I haven't used drugstore skincare since I was at least 14 or 15 years old however I did make an exception to the rule when I seen that Aquafina had out a new skincare line. I mean seriousl

Random Acts of Iris

This post is ridiculously long over do. It should have been posted months ago but the Muse gets swamped to say the least!

My good friend Iris, who lives in Singapore, sent me over a package of yummy goodies a few months ago. I meant to blog these because I wanted to gush over what she got me but I've been so terribly swamped that I didn't have the chance.

Now I do.

Excited aren't you?

First of all I should say Iris and I have the strangest little friendship. Although we don't talk often because we are always so busy with life, the universe, and everything we still manage to stay good friends. I'd like to think it's because we are so much alike. Iris is very special to me and she's just done too many things for me to count. She's always gone out of her way for me. Listening to me rant about my blog, lugging home ridiculously large packages of Japanese cosmetics and sending them out to me via airmail, randomly sending me lovely little packages, answering my endless questions, the list goes on and on.

I sound like a chick flick right now but I'm just thankful that even though we can go months without saying a word to each other when we do talk it's like no time has passed at all. I'm lucky. Sincerely lucky.

Thanks Iris. For being you.

Now for the good part.

Last Fall Paul and Joe had released it's newest Sparkles Collection and one of the prints was a really cool, flattering orangy Fall cat print. I love Fall and I love Halloween. The print reminded me of both and I fell in love with it.

At the time they also had a GWP with purchase that included this print on a tote style purse that I fell in love with. I e-mailed Iris right away asking for a CP. Sadly, I ended up skipping for some reason or another.

But obviously Iris didn't forget because many months later a large envelope pops into my mail and inside is none other than the purse tote that I so deperately wanted.


I realize some people are thinking how terribly loud it is...but lord knows I love it. *Happy Sigh*

Inside the tote was a Pupa quad as well in a delicious array of lovely browns that's most flattering on thise Muse's eyes.

So you see, the moral of the story is, good friends are simply awesome and we should always be thankful for having some in our life!