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Sep 18, 2007

Maggie Gyllenhaal's Agent Provocateur Layout

Love Agent Provocateur. Not sure I love the Maggie Gyllenhaal layout.


Maybe I can't appreciate these correctly but I'm seeing her as too much of a good girl in these pictures (contrary to how bad she can be). Not that she doesn't look amazingly beautiful and super classy! I'm just seeing more of "I'm a good girl" in her facial expression. Hell, when you are wearing naughtiness from Agent Provocateur shouldn't you have the "I'm a very BAD BAD BAD girl" on your face? Maybe it's not even a good girl expression but more a sorta "who cares" feel too it...mmm...dunno just not doing it for me!

What do you think?


AHA! Maggie brings the "I'm bad" in this picture:

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Too Faced The Gift of Glam Holiday Collection

Well...geez....School just started, the leaves aren't yet hitting the ground, and the warm weather is JUST turning a bit cooler.

But hey don't let that stop you from previewing Too Faced Holiday Collection entitled "The Gift of Glam" and hey if you're so inclined you can BUY it too! It's up and available on the website!

Good Girl/Bad Girl Palette

From the glam labs of Too Faced comes this beauty kit that celebrates both extremes of your persona. Feeling a little naughty? Then transform yourself into a seductress with the “Bad Girl” palette of sexy jewel-toned shades! Is your inner Saint clamoring to get out? Then go naturally nude with the “Good Girl” collection of toasty caramels and sugary beiges. Finally a makeup option to help your inner attitude bust out!

Be a really good girl Christmas Eve night (don't want to piss of Santa do ya?)! Go on and be downright bad Christmas Day (It's safe now that you have your presents isn't it?)! 2 Separate Palettes in one cute kit! $29.50

New Mini Quickie Chronicles Palettes
She had always been a good girl. She played by the rules never kissed on the first date and agreed daddy always knew best. But then this innocent girl picked up the "Quickie Chronicles " and honey she was never the same. Kits contain 2 coordinating shadows 2 glosses and blush.

Oh my score some new quickie palettes with luscious winter colors! $16

Romantic Collection Palettes

Inspired by the euphoric and intoxicating feeling of new love The New Romantic Unicorn and New Romantic Peacock palettes contain everything needed to evoke your inner romantic. Three lovely shadows flirt with a trio of seductively shimmering glosses all meant to be mingled with the kit’s perfectly passionate blush! Create the look of innocent love or go all out glam to inspire an evening of lustful bliss!

Choose from two new themed palettes with everything you need for the perfect holiday face! Yum! $32.50

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Mark "Customize Your Shimmer" Palettes

Mark is releasing some interesting little tidbits that may tempt the Muse into purchasing them!

I'm not much of an Avon fan but I have been known to sneak a few pieces of Avon's hipper, younger sister company, into my traincase!

These look awesome:

These are interchangeable, customizable shimmer palettes for face and eyes! From what I've read they are being introduced sometime in November so keep your eyes peeled for updates!

I like the look of all the palettes and Mark is so cheap that you can afford to dive in and pick up the entire lot if your little heart so desired it!

Customizable pieces like these are nothing new to Mark. They carry a slew of different interchangeable pieces on their website which range from shadow palettes to lipcreams, etc.... The thing that caught my eyes about these is of course those magic words that every girl loves, "shimmer".

One thing does bother me about these, the release date of November seems ages away and the colors seem very Fall to me. The general idea of a release day all the way in November for colors you'll be wearing for about a month seems silly. I'd have liked to see these on the site already or even at the very least in the beginning of October! Oh well I guess that only applies to anal people like me that adjust eyeshadow color with the seasons and all that insanity ;)

Estimate on prices from past collections I'd say these will run about $4 for the pop in and the empty palettes maybe $6 bucks each, I'd bet money that they'll be even cheaper on E-bay!

Happy Days!

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T'estimo's Demise, Coffret D'Or Uprise!

If you're as much a fan as Japanese cosmetics as I am you'll know that Kanebo is cutting T'estimo from it's main line up and replacing it with a new line entitled Coffret D'Or.

I'm mourning T'estimo in a major way! If you'd like a sneak peak at Coffret D'Or do head on over to my good friend Iris's blog to see some great pics of the new line!

The new line does look interesting enough but I'm still not completely convinced!

Fellow Japanese cosmetics addicts what's your take?

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Recreating Anna Sui's Royal Romp Look

I was messing around this morning and not feeling at all myself so I decided I'd go for something wild to cheer myself up!

I tried recreating Anna Sui's Royal Romp Look.

Sadly I've no idea what they used on the model so I just dabbled around with colors I had to see what I could create and this is what came of it! Lightening up my face to the point it was so goth porcelain as the model's skin in the picture was near impossible so I improvised slightly with that as well as the ultra vibrant red gloss she's wearing (If I wore such a color I'd look like a clown)!

What do you think?

What I Used:
MAC Black Tied Eyeshadow
MAC Blue Storm Eyeshadow
Vincent Longo Wet Diamond Shadow in Verite
Vincent Longo Wet Diamon Shadow in Mermaid Blue
Tarte EmphasEYES High Definition Eye Pencil
Bare Escentuals Glimmer in Sunshine
MAC Technakohl in Black

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Sep 17, 2007

MAC Holiday Collections

I hate you MAC.

That is all.

By the very way.........

This is just SOME of it! How broke do you feel?

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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Halloween Haul

I got one of my orders from Bpal today! Please have a look at my prior blogs on BPAL here and here for further information prior to reading this blog so you aren't too confused ;)

The Pumpkin Patch Set

The new labels are delightful on this set of oils! Very cute! All smelled as great as last year! The Murder of Crow Imp smells like dish liquid soap to me but aside from that the rest are yummie Pumpkin goodness!

Number 1 is vying for first place as my favorite! The fruity tartness of the pear and pumpkin blend together in perfect harmony!

Number 2 I'm loving least! *burp* The tobacco kills the entire blend in my humblest opinion. It's wearable but not nearly as good as it's brothers!

Number 3 is chocolate pumpkin overload with a good dry down scent of creamy fruit!

Number 4 is too green for me! Another loser in the batch! It's wearable but way to earthy for me to enjoy. Not getting much pumpkin in it!

Number 5 Is all vanilla goodness to me mixed up with yummie pumpkin! The perfect fall scent!

The Perilous Parlor. Libra and Sugar Skull

The Perilous Parlor is part of the Haunted House Collection and is divine! It's a boozy pear smell heavy on the vanilla and purely perfect in all ways! I think I need a backup bottle of this gem!

Libra is quite gorgeous as well! Fruity and Floral!

Sugar Skull is pretty much identical to last year with maybe a little more of a heavy hand on the sugar! This is one of my favorite scents and I adore when it's released around Halloween!

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The Muse on Facebook

The Muse has decided that she needs something to keep her sane (because lately she's insane). And if you clicked "insane" you're wondering who the hell R.M. Renfield, just don't mind me, my sense of amusement runs to the weird and unusual.

She joined Facebook last week in order to have some contact with her boyfriend's sister. During that time she learned she kinda sorta liked Facebook and thought it'd be a wonderful place to start a little group. order to keep my head in some straight and narrow order lately I've created a group on Facebook to share latest purchases, FOTDS, pictures, videos, hauls, general stashes, and upcoming color stories!

Come over and visit with me! I'd truly love it! Musings.of.a.Muse is where you'll find me ;) And if you can't find me just comment or e-mail your Facebook information and I'll gladly add you as a friend plus invite you to the group!

If you don't have a Facebook, it takes all of 2 seconds to fill out for one!

Hope to see some happy faces over there!


It's MAC Holiday Time!

It's almost here......................................!

Visit the MAC site to sign up!

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