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Jul 31, 2007

Matte is Where it's At!

For the self confessed glitter haters I am the barer of good news! Urban Decay has introduced 12 New Shades of Matte shadows! Oh my! I want them all! Yes, I did say that so get over it! I'm an avid collector of UD shadows and nothing will stop me from getting these! Well...maybe I'll wait an itty bitty while before ordering..but it shouldn't be too long!

I've read a few blogs and they had mentioned that Urban Decay "promised" the shadows to be pigmented. This seems like a question. Is there any doubt these will be awesome? Come on...let's be honest...these are going to reign supreme in our collection and possibly go for hand to hand combat with MAC matte shadows!

I'm also hearing general excitement about Narcotic a bright turquoise!!! Oh the my! I, too, felt like it was Christmas upon seeing this gorgeous hue! It's turquoise which means I'm all over that like candy!

Hmmmm...but my brain begins to kick in and I stop thinking with my excited emotions and I realize wait a sec...this looks like freaking Piccadilly! Now I'm in a panic....a gorgeous shade of turquoise that just may be a rerun? Jesus, what an excitement killer!

How terribly wrong of Urban Decay to get my hopes up only to have them crushed by the idea that this very may well be a spin off of Piccadilly!

Narcotic Matte Eyeshadow

My Beloved, Rare, Long Ago Discontinued Piccadilly

Anyway the moral of the story is I still absolutely want Narcotic and the other 11 shades! However, Narcotic still seems to have the look of Piccadilly to it! I can cross my fingers that maybe, just maybe it's even more vibrant and bold than Piccadilly!

The 12 New Shades Are:

Chronic: Bright Light Green
ABC Gum: Pale Peach
Foxy: Light Neutral
Narcotic: Bright Turquoise
Revolver: Stone Gray
Perversion: Jet Black
Secret Service: Medium Brown
Illegal: Smoky Rose
Cult: Eggplant
Naked: Buff Nude
Purple Haze: Bright Purple (Ooo! Cool! Purple Haze sans Glitter!)
Yeyo: Powder White

I think these will be great for layering with the regular Urban Decay shadows! All in All some nice shades in this bunch and long over do as plenty of people found application with UD shadows a general mess! Personally I love 'em and never had much problem with fall outs but I know some people who are sure to be happy with a matte formula!

Speak to me!

Are these on your wish list? Do you love the old Urban Decay shadows? Prefer these matte ones?

Comment box at the ready!

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Anonymous petitez said...

Hey dear, can't seem to see your pictures for this entry...

My wish list will have to be ABC gum, Narcotic (not sure if i can carry this off :() and Purple haze. :)

August 1, 2007 at 10:33 AM  
Blogger A-Mused said...

Hey Serene!

Really? Weird! I'll look into that ;) Sorry about that as the pic of Piccadilly is worth a look!

Remember if you're a brunette you can pull off all colors ;)

Purple Haze I have in the shimmer format quite excited to have it in matte!

August 1, 2007 at 10:50 AM  

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