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Mar 9, 2000


the Muse's End of Summer Sale

Looks like you've discovered my sale page! Yay for you!


Many of you have commented in the past asking me to place items I didn't want up for sale and I considered it for a long time and finally decided to do something about it. Normally items I am not loving at the moment either end up in the graveyard of makeup in my closet or they end up swapped up on MUA or I sell them on E-bay! I figured it'd be easier to just to sell them off here plus it would be beneficial for you guys to pick up items that may not be available to you. The sale is open to US and International readers.

This is a compiled list of items I have for sale at the moment that I have purchased and either I don't like, or haven't made use of, or just grew tired of! All items are in pristine condition and are listed as new or used, how many times I did use them if they aren't new, how they were used, etc...! All proceeds from this sale page are donated to my local animal shelter a society that is very near and dear to my heart!

These items were purchased with my own money and are NOT samples, freebies, or items give to me from companies for review!

If you're interested in any of the items you'll have to e-mail me for further details at as comments are OFF on this page so you'll be unable to comment in the comment field. E-mailing is easier in this particular case!

I'm definately negotiable on prices, shipping deals, etc...within reason! Please keep in mind I've excluded shipping costs from the items. Shipping will be quoted when I know how many items you are purchasing! Shipping costs for US and International buyers is very inexpensive as the items are so light. I'll be sending via 1st class priority airmail for International buyers however no tracking is available for this opinion should you want tracking the cost of shipping will be a very good dealer higher. For US users I'll be shipping first class as well unless you'd like priority service.

I accept Paypal as payment. If you need references to feel more comfortable about your purchase just ask and I can provide you with my MUA nick, my Specktra nick, and other places I have swapped and sold items!

Please keep in mind I am not a store so I cannot offer refunds if you get the item and don't like the color, the way it works, etc....I'm sorry. Be a conscious and safe buyer meaning if you think it won't work or you aren't loving the color don't buy it.

I buy ALOT of cosmetics so please don't e-mail asking when I got a certain item or the date of purchase because seriously the chances of me remembering is slim at best. All the items here are definately within their shelf life and I wouldn't sell them if they were off.

If you need swatches I can happily provide those but only if the product has been tested/used. If the item is brand new I won't open it to do a swatch.

After all that babbling! On with the items for sale! Please keep in mind the sale page is currently small but it's going to get quite huge as I am currently clearing up cosmetics for the Summer! So stop back often and check up to see what's been added!

  • Cyber Colors Eyeshadow Singles $4 USD Each
I purchased these from Sasa but never made proper use of any of them and I just have way too many shadows to get through to give these any love! Pigmentation is very good. They are new, unused but not sealed or wrapped, that's how they came!

Color #02

Color #14

Color: #20

Color: #17

Color: #19

  • MAC Blush from Novel Twist Blush (LE, Discontiuned)-$20 USD
These are from the Novel Twist Collection and are brand new, in the box. I just have way too many blushes and these have to go!

Color: Whim

Color: Out of Bounds

  • T'estimo Cream Highlighter/Eyeshadows $5 USD Each
These are a creamy shadow, highlighter. You can use these as a base, an eyeshadow, or to highlight your cheeks! I swiped these once each with a clean q-tip so they are pretty much brand new! T'estimo is a Japanese Brand and is not available in the US/UK.

Color: Gold

Color: Pink

  • L.A. Girl Eyeshadow Trio $4 USD
Brand New Eyeshadow Trio in gold, light green, and sea green. Nicely pigmented. This is sealed.

  • L.A. Colors Eyeshadow Palette $5 USD Each
A palette of five shadows with dual sided applicators. Four are sealed and brand new while one is slightly tested. Colors are pigmented and smooth.

Enchanted (Greens)

Wild Flowers (Gold, Orange, Pink, Cranberry, Purple)

Color: Tranquil (Blues)

Tease (Yellow, Orange, Pink, Blue, Green) Four shades in this palette were tested 1x each on my arm with the enclosed applicator. I'm offering this at a discount cost of $4 USD. If you want the original applicator I can include it or I can give you two brand new sponge applicators just let me know!

  • Stila Lip Glaze Trio $15 USD
Brand New, Sealed in Box. This is a trio of Stila's bestselling Lip Glaze Trios. Each lip glaze is 2.4ML each. Colors are Apricot, Fruit Punch, and Watermelon. You get all three, sealed in the box for the price.

  • Stila Color Push Ups $11 USD Each

These were purchased during the last Stila sale but I have SO much convertible color to get through I'll never get to all of these! All are unboxed, but brand new aside from one which I swiped once with a cotton ball!

Color: Pink Flash

Color: Sweet Flash

Color: Rouge Flash

Color: Fuschia Flash

  • Gransenbon Gran de Eyes Palette $18 USD
This is the 08 version of the palette. I had one of these already and I accidentally purchased a second of the same color. The is the purple variation which includes a base color, a liner color, and two contrasting eyeshadows in deeper purple and lighter purple. Gransenbon is not available within the US/UK. Comes with a sponge tip applicator. This is brand new, out of the box!

  • Lola Lip Sheer in Satin Doll $14 USD
Brand New, In Box. This is very cute but the color isn't for me. Purchased during Victoria Secret's Semi Annual online sale. I got it and the color just wasn't me. I love the cap which flips open to reveal a mirror!

  • Shu Uemura Blush in P Brown 77 $19 USD
Lighted tested 1x in like new condition!

  • Bare Minerals Soft Focus Brush $10 USD
Brand New, In Package

  • Bare Minerals Sparking Diamond Gossamer 0.05oz $18 USD
Brand New, Sealed. Can be used on face, body, eyes, anywhere! Not available for sale outside of kits, limited edition.

  • Bare Minerals Mineral Veil 0.06oz $15 USD
Brand New, Sealed.

  • Bare Minerals Natural Mineral Lipstick in Gelato $12 USD
Brand New, No Box.

  • Skindazzles Moisturizing Conditioner Banana Split Scented 8oz $7 USD
Tested 1x.

  • Physicians Formula Multi-Colored Blush in Blushing Nude $7 USD
Brand New, No Box. Comes with brush which is brand new as well in package.