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Sep 18, 2007

Mark "Customize Your Shimmer" Palettes

Mark is releasing some interesting little tidbits that may tempt the Muse into purchasing them!

I'm not much of an Avon fan but I have been known to sneak a few pieces of Avon's hipper, younger sister company, into my traincase!

These look awesome:

These are interchangeable, customizable shimmer palettes for face and eyes! From what I've read they are being introduced sometime in November so keep your eyes peeled for updates!

I like the look of all the palettes and Mark is so cheap that you can afford to dive in and pick up the entire lot if your little heart so desired it!

Customizable pieces like these are nothing new to Mark. They carry a slew of different interchangeable pieces on their website which range from shadow palettes to lipcreams, etc.... The thing that caught my eyes about these is of course those magic words that every girl loves, "shimmer".

One thing does bother me about these, the release date of November seems ages away and the colors seem very Fall to me. The general idea of a release day all the way in November for colors you'll be wearing for about a month seems silly. I'd have liked to see these on the site already or even at the very least in the beginning of October! Oh well I guess that only applies to anal people like me that adjust eyeshadow color with the seasons and all that insanity ;)

Estimate on prices from past collections I'd say these will run about $4 for the pop in and the empty palettes maybe $6 bucks each, I'd bet money that they'll be even cheaper on E-bay!

Happy Days!

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