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Nov 26, 2007

Boots No7 Beauty Gifts

I know I'm a posting demon tonight aren't I? But I may go on hiatus while I watch the season finale of Torchwood so I best get my beauty posts in while I can because I'll be in mourning until it comes back or Season 4 of Doctor Who makes it's appearance (whichever comes first)! The Muse worships at the altar of Tennant and Barrowman which means without either on telly I'm as good as dead!

Ok bit dramatic but anyway (I'm slightly exhausted and sleep isn't cooperating)!

Beauty posts!

If you happen to have mates, boyfriend's, family members, or general gorgeous people (I've never not met a gorgeous Brit! Honest they are all lovely!) living in the UK you can ask them to buy you some very lux Boots gift sets (or you can go to Target and get some but what's the fun in that?!??!)!

Boots No7 Set of 5 Mini Lipglosses $9.99

Boots No7 Set of Body and Lip Shimmers $9.99

Check out your local Target or CVS for Boots bits and bobs or just call over to the UK and get the good stuff as our gift sets aren't nearly as lovely as the ones over yonder!



Blogger Taryn said...

Muse, are you feeling OK? This is your fifth post about cheap makeup! Now I actually enjoy the abundance of posts, but this isn't like you! Do I need to make you a nice pot of chicken noodle soup?

While those Jane blushes do look tempting, drugstore stuff just isn't my thing, except maybe for mascara or CG face powder. It fails to excite me. What a little snob I am. Of course, I'm always open to Japanese drugstore goodies. :P

November 27, 2007 at 1:48 AM  
Blogger the Muse said...

Hello Taryn!

Hope your T-Day was great sweetie!

I'm good. To quote the beatles it's been a hard day's night ;)

LOL well the bad news is you're right I've done too many cheapie posts! But the good news is Boots does make some great makeup but only UK side! The stuff in target and cvs is absolute rubbish :)

LOL yes please I'd love some chicken noodle soap! and a hug? =)

gosh I totally understand! I haven't purchased drugstore in 14 years or so! So I totally understand!

Call me a snot, snob, or a bitch but I'm the same way! I can't justify the cost of drugstore brands stateside!

We'll be snobs together my friend =-)

you can chalk up the cheap posts as me being in mourning for lack of good telly once Torchwood is gone ;)

November 27, 2007 at 9:52 AM  

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