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Apr 3, 2009

Beaute Cosmetics Liqui-Gel Stains for Cheeks and Lips Review

The Muse loves paving the way for brand new items she discovers! Her latest discovery is Beaute Cosmetics, hello pretty cosmetics wanna come out and play with the Muse? Beaute Cosmetics is a line of elegant, unique cosmetics which brings beauty to the next level.

The Muse recently tried out Beaute Cosmetics Liqui-Gel Stains for Cheeks and Lips and is absolutely in love!

I'm a big lover of cheek stains! Sweat-proof, rain-proof, hot weather-proof, atomic bomb-proof, you name it and cheek stain can hold it's own against it. It's my go to item for long wearing makeup that gives me a sweet flush of color that's youthful, pretty, and long wearing...likey!

But of course when I see Beaute Cosmetics Liqui-Gel Stains for Cheeks and Lips I got hyper. Pretty stains that looked like glass tubes of neon! Available in four shades these gorgeous stains are possibly the longest wearing stain I've come across. The formula is a beautiful light, cooling gel that absorbs and easily blends into skin leaving behind a beautiful pinch of color. I've only tried one shade from the four available (The color I tried is Flouron) and found it interest that in the tube the shade is a bright neon orange but it quickly morphs upon contact with my skin and becomes a sweet shade of natural pink.

The stain's unique formula contains Orchid Extract OS which is a naturally derived extract from the Precious Thai Pink Orchid which is rich in minerals, calcium, iron, copper, and zinc. It's interesting ingredient also lends a floral scent to the gel which is quite nice!

Who might like this?
  • Anyone who fancies a long wearing blush that wears all day without fading and comes off when you want it off, not before!
  • Those who desire a flush of color on cheeks that looks like you've been pinched, just came in from the cold, or just been kisses!
  • Those who want a multitasking product for lips and cheeks that creates a youthful, sweet glow!

Beaute Cosmetics Liqui-Gel Stains for Cheeks and Lips are an absolute rave for this Muse and Muse Approved for purchase. I absolutely adore the formula and how easily it blends, like the long wear (can't wait to use it in the Summer), and love the unique colors that Beaute has introduced in these stains.

If you're a stain lover you're sure to adore these!

Visit and learn more about Liqui-Gel Stains and the rest of the incredible collection available from Beaute.

Fan of Beaute Cosmetics?

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Blogger asiyakei said...

I love Beaute cosmetics (they've been available here in Canada at Holt Renfrew for a while), I have three of the stains (not Neon, as... well I don't like orange) and 5 glosses, and they're lovely! I actually like that the products are pretty much un-scented, and they last a long time. <3

April 3, 2009 at 3:25 PM  
Blogger Phyrra said...

Oh my god that's gorgeous!
I love how it's so bright in the tube! It's weird that it goes from orange to pink but it's really pretty.

April 3, 2009 at 3:45 PM  
Blogger the Muse said...

hi asiyakei!

awesome! It's not actually strangely morphs to hot pink :-D I got some glosses too can't wait to review 'em!

They really do have great long wear!

April 3, 2009 at 3:50 PM  
Blogger the Muse said...

hey dd!

yea I know right?! It morphs into this hot pink neon that's gorgeous!


April 3, 2009 at 3:51 PM  

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