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Oct 16, 2008

Smashbox Holiday 2008: Smashbox Rapture Gift of Glow Gift Set Review and Swatches

I do so admit all the pink from the Smashbox Holiday Collection entitled Rapture has gotten me completely excited and hyper!

I'm rolling around in happiness at the prospect of pink! What? I'm a chick, I dig pink, sue me.

No seriously I really am quite excited about the rather cute little quilted pink cases that a majority of Smashbox Rapture is coming in so happy in fact that I knew I had to have one for my very own!

In comes Smashbox Gift of Glow which includes a cute ribbon tie makeup clutch in, you guessed it, PINK that the Muse absolutely loves! The makeup case isn't the only thing to get excited about though! This set includes some wonderful items to get you all sparkled up for the Holiday Season!

The case included with Smashbox Gift of Glow is a dual zip clutch style makeup bag with two loose pockets for storing makeup, brushes, closes up using two pink ribbons which you tie together. It's pink and it's quilted and it's very Musey-like! Inside you'll find all the perfect treats to makeup cheeks, lips, and face!

The kit includes a Smash Shadow Liner in Hollywood. This morning I used Hollywood as a liner however the formula is so smooth it's claim of being a "shadow liner" is all truth. This will make an ideal base for shadows or used on it's own it as shadow. The color is a bronzy brown with quite a fair bit of gold sparkle that looks wonderful paired up with gold shadows.

The kit also includes two brushes which are a liner brush and a baby buki brush. The baby buki brush is quite nice although it sheds a tiny little bit however after my second use I didn't notice shedding so that's a good sign! The liner brush is a full size brush with is unheard of as many Holiday gift sets take to creating mini or smaller versions of full size brushes however Smashbox generously tucked in this full size liner brush! The brush, in my opinion, is a little too large for lining eyes but it works a treat for working on the v of the eye and the lower lash line! It's has pink handle which I absolutely adore of course! More Pink! YAY!

The kit includes a Smashbox lipgloss in Gilded which is a Shimmery Pale Gold however I do not have pictures of the gloss sadly! Sorry 'bout that!

And finally my favorite piece in the set is the Smashbox Flash Powder in Gold which can be used on face, eyes, or body! This morning I used this on my eyes as a shadow and lined with Hollywood! The two match up beautifully well. This is a finely milled, silky powder that gives a beautiful golden shimmer and highlight to the face without overdosing your cheeks in disco fever! It's quite a subtle sparkle that's perfect for the holidays! If you're looking for an inexpensive option to Chanel's new Poudre Precieuse Gold Highlighting Powder this could definately work well at a much nicer price!

Here are a few more swatches of Flash and Hollywood side by side:

The entire kit costs $49 USD and is well worth it considering a majority of the products included are full size items. Breaking down the cost including the bag would make each piece $8.10 USD.

To create my look below I used NARS Super Orgasm on my cheeks and highlighted my face with Smashbox Flash Powder for a bit of gold sparkle! On my eyes I used Smashbox Flash Powder and lined with Smashbox Shadow Liner in Hollywood. I completed the look using one of the glosses available in the Smashbox Rapture Lipgloss Set (which I'll be reviewing for you shortly!).

All in all I think that the Smashbox Gift of Glow offers a nice selection of goodies that will help us sparkle, shimmer, and shine for the Holiday Season! The set would make a beautiful gift for anyone who adores Smashbox Cosmetics or craves a bit of shimmer! The gift set has a reasonable price tag attached and includes a variety of items to create one or two complete holiday looks for the season!

The Muse likey!

You can get yours at Sephora or Smashbox Cosmetics!

Want it?

Love the Smashbox Rapture Collection?

Lemming any of it?

Do tell the Muse!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe Smashbox came up with a Holiday set that is a) attractive and b)reasonably priced; Smashbox products rarely possess one of those qualities, let alone both.

PS: How was your Sugar haul at Sephora? I went into my local store, but they had jack-diddly (a bronzer, at the most).

October 16, 2008 at 1:40 PM  
Blogger Aline said...

anything bronze and gold and im all over it.. i have to have this set! although i dont really need another gold powder, as i plan on stopping by the mall saturday and picking up the chanel poudre precieuse (hee!), even with the steep price tag im really excited about that...

i love the packaging though... white and powder pink... very nice... all in all the look is great.. really fresh and shimmery, love the lippie on your too!.. ive only recently dared to venture away from nude colors (which btw, i am IN LOVE with the mac manish glosses!!... especially pink manish... i wish i could buy a backup without having to sell an organ or something lol)..

and that would be really cool muse, if you were to be my tour guide when i visit the city... we could go shopping together! (id probably spend my entire trips budget on one haul lol)

take care muse! always a treat to hear back from you


October 16, 2008 at 2:12 PM  
Blogger the Muse said...

hey mandy!

aw don't say that! Not last year but the year before had some serious awesome stuff ;-)

I didn't go yet..maybe tomorrow? I have zero life lately to do anything..this cold really brought me down..I'm like an old home..sleep...:P

October 17, 2008 at 1:04 PM  
Blogger the Muse said...

morning aline!

How are you gorgeous?

Dittos! I love sparkling gold :)

Lord knows I don't either but that never stops me sadly!

I'm picking it up too! Twinsss :)

I adore the pinks in the Smashbox Holiday stuff :) Great job on that!

Sephora FF is soon so maybe you'll get it then :)

I have to say after starting this blog I've really gotten into different things and venturing into different things is my middle name lately.

Sadly I can't do a nude lip..makes my fat face, fatter :P

Not good!


Fantastic! Those glosses and lippies were to die for! I hear that but maybe CCO will stock it ;) We might get lucky cross our toes!

LOL I'd LOVE too :) Shopping with the Muse is a bad experience for one's wallet!

Have a wonderful weekend aline! It's always wonderful speaking to you too :)


October 17, 2008 at 1:07 PM  

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