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Jul 11, 2008

Weekend Round Up

I'm heading upstate for the weekend for some fun, sun (with plenty of SPF of course), swimming, and chillaxin'!

Next week is another full week of reviews! I'll be featuring FOTD's from MAC Sonic Chic, MAC Cool Heat, and more! Got an FOTD you'd like to see? Holler at me!

I've got plenty of Fall posts upcoming as well! Expect reviews on Japanese Fall Collections, Lancome's Fall Collection, Prescriptives Fall Collection, Chanel's Fall Collection, and the list goes on and on and on! I have new Etude House reviews upcoming as well which I hope you're as excited about as I am! I've also got my hands on Sephora's Atomic Mascara plus Philosophy's New Cleanser! I have a new light foundation from Stila I'm dying to tell you about! Bare Minerals Rocker Eye Kit is awaiting my review too (this one gets a MAJOR rave and a MEGA RANT!)! I also got some killer new fragrances from Victoria Secret to share with you! And if I dig deep enough I can pull a few Beauty on a Budget finds out of my hat too! My desk is like a counter at Nordstrom lately! Packed high with products awaiting my review!

I have so many things to get through and share with you!

Hey, check up where the Muse has made a guest starring appearance this week:

I was interviewed and featured at The Beauty of Life blog this week! Click!

Kiss and Makeup likes what the Muse blogs (and the Muse likes what they blog!) and never fails to pick up on my hottest stories! Click to see where I make an appearance @ Kiss and Makeup!

And finally here's some link love for you until I get back on Monday to post some new, exciting entries:

Click here to get a peek at the Bare Minerals Rocker Eye Kit that I'll be reviewing next week!

If you missed it by some chance you might want to click here to visit my MAC Neo-Sci Fi review!

Victoria's Secret Diamond Collection Review awaits you after this JUMP!

Get a bit of Asian flavor with my review on KATE Glamtrick Eye Palettes! You'll also see a rather awesome FOTD of me rocking the popular GN-1 palette (or at least I think I rocked it!)! W00t!

Find out my madness for Majolica Majorca!

Read all about the Kesalan Patharan French Eyeshadow Palettes and why I love 'em!

Check out Eyeko's new releases which I'll be reviewing shortly!

Laneige Snow Radiant Blusher has my heart! Click for my review!

Until I see you next I wish you a fabulous weekend!

Much love from your Muse! Happy Weekend!

My comment box is open so definately stop by this weekend and tell me what you're doing, what collections you're hauling from MAC, and what you want to see reviewed next!



Blogger ~*MC*~ said...

Have a great weekend Muse!!!

PS: I can't wait to see your BE Rocker Eye review...I personally justed wanted that awesome brush from the kit and can do with out the shadows. ;)

~MC <3

July 11, 2008 at 1:14 PM  
Blogger 心。葵 said...

darling izzy,

i am sad. very very sad. my brand new MJ lash expander neo, along with my fasio hyper stay 3d air tech and za cutie curl, all brand new, is gone missing!!!!!

i always place my cosmetics in the same place, new or old. and the biggest question is why my other 3 brand new mascaras is there and the other 3 went missing????

and my rented room is so small, that i've check every nook and cranny and it's still missing! the other day my schwarzkopf leave in conditioner brand new went missing too! >_<

the agony of losing things i treasure so much!!! and it's not like i have a big budget to buy everything once they go missing, and not everything is sold here or widely available! >_<

sorry for ranting here, but i'm just so so so upset. T_T

have a good weekend. mine's lousy. >_<

lots of love,

July 11, 2008 at 10:29 PM  
Blogger the Muse said...


believe it or not the freaking brush is worth buying the kit for.

it's outstanding ;)

Review is a coming tomorrow!



July 14, 2008 at 3:51 PM  
Blogger the Muse said...

hiya plue!

Sorry for the delayed reply.

Oh no :( Wow.

where the heck did they go!?

do you have a roomie that could have taken it? or does someone else have a key to your room? that sucks big time :(

I understand totally! I'd be pissed and upset over the loss of perfectly good products plus your AC?! holy cow :(

I hope you found them after I replied to this. Cross my fingers!

Do check with your landlord/lady about this as god forbid something major like money or jewelry or something sentimental goes missing :(

July 14, 2008 at 3:53 PM  
Blogger 心。葵 said...

morning dear~

i haven found it yet, despite checking everywhere almost every single day.

i have no roomies, so it's either my landlady or the other lady who stays in the other room took it, but why????

btw, what does AC stands for? :) enlighten me. hehe~

oh well, i'll need to fork out money and get those stuff back. will have to go thru the waiting time again. this time, i am labelling everything i own with my name!!


July 14, 2008 at 10:04 PM  
Blogger the Muse said...

hey plue!

yak :*( sheesh :( People are so silly if it was them that stole it.

OH my gosh LOL I thought you said your "air" conditioner..I didn't see "leave in" LMAO! that's what AC stood for ;)

I'm sorry plue :( Whoever did it will have bad luck for it. I believe in karma, what goes around comes around!

Hugs my friend!

July 15, 2008 at 3:37 PM  

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