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Jan 4, 2008

The Weekend Beauty Steals and Deals

This is rather the condensed version of Steals and Deals as I haven't had as much time to research items for you this week ;)

The good news is I believe it's a great Steal ;)

HSN has some killer deals on Clean perfume this week that I don't think you want to miss! I love Clean. Let me say that again. I. Love. Clean.

It's such an amazing scent and truly gives you that just from the shower scent. Soap and Water has never been so sexy!

If you never tried Clean and you're looking at this Steal and Deal and wondering well I can't smell it so I shouldn't really buy it. Think again! If you love really fresh scents that just bring out the feeling of "cleanliness" then this scent would be for you! It's very fresh, very light yet lingering, and just beautiful! Think soap and water, think just fresh laundry from your dryer, think beautiful!

Clean is not cheap by any means. It runs $76 for a 2.14oz bottle. That's quite costly but on the up side it's for the Eau de Parfum NOT the Eau de Toilette. A ton of the market is saturated with designer scents that are expensive and Eau de Toilette in format. Which means they are short lived upon spraying them. Clean is very lingering and has wonderful throw so people are going to stop and ask what is that you're wearing?!?!?

If I use it once in a week I can smell it for the entire month on my coat. It just sticks around. Gorgeous.

Anyway enough of my raving! On with the Steals and Deals!

As I was saying 2.14oz is $76 but you can get your choice of Ultimate, Fresh Laundry, Provence, or the regular Clean with a matching 2oz Lotion for $60 at HSN!

As I said before this is for the Eau de Parfume so that's a double deal! It's about a $16 discount from the regular price plus you're getting the matching lotion! Not bad at all!

I seriously can kick myself right now as I own all of the versions of Clean and paid $76 for each when I could have gotten this deal! Grrrrr!

Clean Original

Clean Ultimate

Clean Provence

Clean Fresh Laundry

I can't think of a better Steal and Deal to start the weekend off!

Want these?
Own them already?

Tell the Muse!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come back to us, Musey, come back! We miss you, and the children are starting to forget what you look like. :-(

January 8, 2008 at 12:05 AM  
Blogger the Muse said...

LOL you're such a maniac!

I find that I should never drink anything when reading your comments as it ends up all over my desk and screen!

tell the kids I'm home! I'll be warming the bed and making sure your socks are clean by the time you get home tonight honey!

January 9, 2008 at 9:08 AM  

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