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Dec 19, 2007

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Brilliant Lip Shine Lipgloss Review

Meet Victoria's Secret's imitation of Yves Saint Laurent 'Touché Brillance' Sparkling Touch Lipgloss:

From Top to Bottom: Possession, Randy, and Torrid

These shiny little glosses cost a nice cheap $12 however you might want to save your pennies and spend the $29 on the YSL version as they aren't that great sadly.

Contrary to my rave reviews about Victoria's Secret Cosmetics line lately I must give these guys a poor review.

Let me share some of the cons with you. The packaging on these is great. They come in the standard click pen style. Click for color and apply. The price tag is pretty sweet at $12 per pen and it's quite a large amount of product in the pen from what I can see.

However, the cons stop with the actual formula of the gloss. The gloss is sparkling and comes in an array of gorgeous shades but the texture is tacky, sticky, and difficult to apply. It's not so much about tacky and sticky as I wear lipglass and god knows lipglass is the height of stick and tack. This is much more on the waxy side. Weird right? But it's true. It feels like I'm smearing a melted crayon on my lips when applying.

When finally have this arranged on my lips correct, which is a task to say the least, the actual gloss doesn't last that long at all. It slips and slides right off my lips within 10 minutes. So chalk up the staying power as zero.

Don't try layering this with lipstick either otherwise you're liable to look like a clown. For some reason the texture, the formula or all of the above just smears in a way that you'll end up looking like Bozo the Clown in a matter of seconds during application.

So...sadly...these get the Muse's thumb down rating. Vicky has been doing so well in the beauty department lately and I've raved (See my raves here, here, and here) a ton but this time I must rant and say that these are an utter waste of $12!

Save your pennies and grab a YSL gloss instead!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, I much preferred the previous VS line and it's packaging; the products were densely pigment, silky smooth and long lasting. The blushes, lipsticks and eyeshadows were of note. I really don't think any of the cosmetics that VS sells now are worth writing home about, grittier texture, poor performance and irritating to boot; and a pox on VS for contributing to the premature demise of Pout (or so I've heard)!

December 19, 2007 at 10:09 PM  
Blogger the Muse said...

hello mandy ;) What's up chicky!?

I owe you another comment reply but I've been swamped ;) Will do that this morninng!

I didn't like the previous line was a bit boring! But the pink and silver compacts was nice ;)

I really like the LE products. I admit the regular line isn't anything to write home about but the LE products are rather fab. Like the eyshadow quads and diamond sparkling powder! Awesome stuff!

OOOOOOOOO! What do you know I don't?

Share with me!

Pout's demise by VS! OH my god juicy tell me!

December 20, 2007 at 9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, you do owe me another comment reply! Grr! Perhaps I shall hold my juicy Pout gossip hostage until I recieve one! You cannot silence the people, lol!

Just kidding. Actually, though the 'official story' was that Pout was simply disappointed with it's sales in Norte America, word on the street was that Pout overextended itself through it's deals with Sephora, Bath & Bodyworks and especially VS and expended too much energy on those ventures, expecting to rocket to the upper echelons of an already over-saturated beauty market. Well, perhaps the market was there, crowded though it is, but neither Pout nor VS (in particular) did the legwork of marketing the brand properly, whether overtly or virally/through word of mouth.

The UK has a huge cosmetics market and it's relative size makes grassroots marketing easier (think Pout, Lush, early Body Shop, etc) than in the US where the beauty market is over-saturated and the sheer scope of the US makes word of mouth marketing more difficult. Major demographic differences between the two markets might also have played a key in Pout's success in the UK and subsequent failure in the US.

Whatever, I miss Pout (and it's loose powder, blushes and lipglosses) and I feel that given time and a better marketing strategy, it could have succeeded in the US (and WAS succeeding in the UK). Bottom Line: Crysalis Group saw a mismanaged company ripe for a takeover/restructuring and Laren, Cohen and Singh (I especially hate Singh) had pound signs in their eyes.

Can I has my 'another comment reply' nowz?

December 20, 2007 at 1:07 PM  
Blogger the Muse said...

LOL! I replied I replied :)

Interesting! I hadn't heard any of this! I believe it though as VS really dropped the ball pimpin' pout just like they do all the brands that they carry. People don't realize that VS carries designer brand cosmetics on the site! They have a slew of stuff that they fail to pimp!

Pout is at fault as well. Unless you're a follow or a UK'er chances are you didn't notice Pout until it's demise!

Quite sad that in the long run, greed was what brought the company to it's knees :(

The general idea of contiuning with skincare seems like it won't last either but hey who am I to say!

LOL! Is it be pout demise time now!?


LOLCATS gotta love 'em ;)

December 21, 2007 at 10:23 AM  

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