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Oct 17, 2007

Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things Cosmetic Collection

Last year I happened to have a $10 Victoria's Secret Coupon burning a hole in my pocket. The coupon talked to me for a bit, asked after my family, asked how work was, made random chitchat and the like. All this kindly conversation from the coupon led me into Victoria's Secret to have a nosy around (remember kids rip coupons up, burn them, or throw them out! Don't talk to them!).

I personally think all the polite chitchat was under the guise I'd go in and buy something and truth be told I went ahead and did just that.

I normally head straight for the beauty department when I go into Victoria's Secret and this day was no exception! I wandered right over to the front display and my eyes spied a gorgeous palette that the coupon insisted I buy!

And guess what?

I did just that.

Make Me Gorgeous Palette

And thus began my love affair with the Sexy Little Things Cosmetic Collection at Victoria's Secret.

Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things Palette, Shadows, and Eyeliner

I have to admit the palette is truly a gorgeous affair. It was $28 but the kindly coupon let me have it for $18!

This particular palette is entitled "Make Me Gorgeous" and it does just that! For a really simple, minimal yet sexy look this be the palette for you! It contains two shimmering shades of eyeshadow (one sparkling goldish white and one shimmering cranberry), two lip creams, cream blush, and applicators.

The entire look you can create with the kit is very simple yet sexy and is perfect for day or evening. It's especially nice during rushed makeup days when you're brushing your teeth and applying lipstick with the same hand!

I must admit that the reason the palette sold me was because it has an adorable lit mirror! You can switch it on or off if you so choose or it can remain on whenever you open the palette and shuts off when you snap it close! How cute is that?

I guess I'm concentrating too much on my nifty little palette when I should mention that I am quite in lust with the entire collection!

I also have two of the Douse Me with Diamonds eyeshadows which are no longer part of the collection (never fear E-bay is here) and a Put a Sparkle in My Eye eyeliner pencil.

I have the say the Douse Me with Diamonds eyeshadows are awesome! Major fall out all over your face but damn it's super pigmented and sparkles and shines and gives your eyelids a party!

Put a Sparkle in My Eye Eyeliner

The line also consists of perfume, lipgloss, mascara, sparkling powder, and general bath and body bits!

I happened to wander onto the site a few days ago and BEHOLD:

Please Dazzle Me Glitter Lash Coap

A glitter lash coat! Oh My! And it's only $13! The Muse says Santa Baby put this in my stocking!

I'm used to being spoiled rotten with Japanese Brands that offer me tons of different glittery overcoats for my lashes but it's so rare that any brands here have these and I see them popping up more and more in different lines such as the Guerlain Gold Overcoat!

I love this entire line and I'm really hopeful that they'll do something special for Christmas!

Head on over to Victoria's Secret and check Sexy Little Things out for yourself! And if you happen to have a talking coupon all the better!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Muse-y,

That palette looks fab- I love the little lights in it! The colors in the palette look great for a natural/pretty look. Might you FOTD sometime with it?

I need to stop by Victoria's Secret and give thier beauty stuff a looksie. I wish my local VS carried all the "good brands" that other ones do- you now like Sephora kind of? I'm hoping they will turn it into one of those soon and carry more than just the VS brand. I have heard some carry Lola, Kevyn Aucoin, etc.
Say, where does one find a $10.00 off VS coupon? Me wants one. ;P Was it a printable one, did it come in a catalog, magazine, etc.?


October 18, 2007 at 12:38 AM  
Blogger ♥~Erusa~♥ said...

Wah! I love all the thing you posted, its a shame tha I can't buy Victoria's Secret here. The Eyeshadows look gorgeous! (^¬^)
I do like the new ski of your blog too!
Spanish Hugs!~~

October 18, 2007 at 7:03 AM  
Blogger the Muse said...

Eru!!!!!!!! It's been forever how are you ;)

I'm glad you are liking the new layout ;)

The eyeshadow are super! I wish you guys had access to VS too :(

Hope your well!


October 18, 2007 at 9:10 AM  
Blogger the Muse said...

hey sarah ;)

I'm loving this little palette! The lights sold it for me lol!

I sure will do an FOTD with it ;)

I'm pretty impressed with their lineup of makeup lately. They are introducing a Heidi Klum limited edition palette and other bits this christmas. They do some interesting items and I've gotten some nice palettes from them the last few months!

Actually VS online sells alot of different brands. Global Goddess, Pout, you can use any number if discount codes which is always helpful!

My VS carries Anna Sui and a few other odd pieces but not the entire line. However, online definitely has an extensive array of posh cosmetic brands!

Gosh they sent me the coupon in the mail hehe but if you order online and google VS coupon codes a ton will pop up ;)!

I believe it just came in a little pamphlet card thingy kinda like when they send the free panty card..same the time it was advertising the beauty rush lineup I think!

Love ya!

October 18, 2007 at 9:19 AM  

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