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Nov 9, 2007

The Weekend Beauty Steals and Deals

I haven't had much time to do the research for this week's Steals and Deals section! I'm so sorry about that!

Here's the short version of this week's Steals and Deals ;)

The good news is Sephora's Friends and Family Discount is ongoing until the 21st as confirmed by the gorgeous Erika at Makeup Bag!


Stila also has a little sale ongoing this week which gives you a number of interesting discounts depending on the dollar amount spent! Click here for details!

And finally it's worth a mention that Sephora has a NARS lip palette on sale for $30 and with the 20% off from the Friends and Family Sale you can nab it for $25! Good deal in the Muse's opinion! The palette is originally $55 and would quite make a perfect little gift or stocking stuff at the reduced price!

NARS Hot Sauce Palette as seen on

The bad news is this week's section is a bit small but the good news is it does contain some great buys!

Happy Weekend!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

can help me check jpmon site
to see if it sell maquillage gy851
cant seem to navigate rd

November 10, 2007 at 1:04 AM  
Anonymous rocketqueen said...

Oh that is truly a sweet red palette! I'm very practical lipstick-wise, so I always carry them in my bag so that I can reapply during the day. By the way, hav you tried a lipstick fixator that works without drying out the lips? I want it to be kissable (no, need it to be!) ;D! I have tried the Art Deco one and that is too drying (but works great). Have you tried Art Deco? Do you have access to that over there?

Hope you're having a really nice weekend! We've been grocery shopping this morning for $160! For two people! We usually go to the store every day and decide on what to eat there and then, but now we figured we should do something to avoid having to go to the store all the time. Our fridge is packed with goodies, yum! I love garlic bread, you know the frozen baguettes with garlic butter that you bake in the oven? Sweet lord! I can eat a container full of those! Tonight we're having chorizo with potato mash and a salad with that...yum! Plus some guacamole with nachos later, probably.

Today we did some Xmas decoration shopping as well! Hooray, I love Christmas! I have just finished decorating our Advent candleholder! We got some Advent calendars with chocolate too. Nice! Do you have a calendar TV-show like us? A children's show on TV with a special theme and a story every year.

And by the way, the first snow fall was today! We took a 5-hour walk in the fresh weather! So romantic. :D

Warm hugs to you!
Love ya hun!

November 10, 2007 at 9:16 AM  
Blogger the Muse said...

hello Anonymous

I don't read chinese so I can't use the search function on jpmon sadly!
What exactly is gy851? If you can tell me if it's a shadow, palette, etc..maybe I can help locate it for you!

Hi Linn!

I'm not much for lipstick palettes because I make them rather messy :P
I'm bad about retouching up hehe! I probably ingest way too much gloss and lipstick than is healthy for myself lol! I tend to chew it off!

Hmmm no I haven't tried fixator sounds interesting though!

I use the testimo lasting lipstick thingy. Which holds my shades in place longer. That kinda works ok!

Sadly we don't have access to Art Deco here but it seems like such a great line!

Weekend was very nice thanks :)
I'm coming over your house because my fridge is currently whistling a tune of empty lol! Garlic bread sounds great right now lol! I'm a big lover of bread! Carb overload! Oh no! hehe!

I love christmas too but I'm having a time of getting into the spirit this year! Not my normal jolly self but I'll get there :)

We don't have a calender program but we do have the advent calenders with chocolates :) Love those! Although we have a TON of telly shows for kids and adults that are on during the holidays! The tv is saturated with holiday specials! It's nice to sit and laze around to watch them! Even the children themed ones :)

Gosh you're so lucky! It's very cold here but no snow yet. It's been years since New York as had a white Christmas. Normally snow happens middle of january if we are lucky feb, most definately march too!

I'd love it if it snowed before that! Would be so very gorgeous and it would feel much more like x-mas!

Your weekend sounds great :) I need to go to Sweden and take advantage of the snowy days hehe! It can get me into the spirit of christmas I'm sure ;)

Many hugs linn!

November 11, 2007 at 11:23 AM  

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