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Oct 31, 2007

Starring Fragrances by Ashley Peldon

You're Muse happens to love unique perfumes that she can't get in regular shops that sell fragrance! My tastes in fragrance run to the unusual I guess and when I'm seeking something sweet, foody, or unique I visit with the gorgeous Ashley Peldon at Starring Fragrances to get my fix!

I have many, many, a bottle of cocktails that Ashley, herself, has created! The scents at Starring Fragrances are mostly in the foody range so if you're a grave lover of scents that smell of cookies, cakes, or gorgeous decadent foody items this would be the spot you want to grab some very interesting blends!

Ashley has recently extended her popular perfume line and is now doing custom blended hair and body care items such as lotions and shampoos! I haven't personal tried any of the new products but I can give my Muse approval to the wonderful perfume blends that are created at Starring Fragrances!

The thing that totally sells me on these perfumes is the incredible staying power and special notes within each perfume! One or two sprays is all you need to smell completely edible and delicious all day long! Upon spraying one of these you can distinctively pick out the notes with the perfume which is so amazing. If I spray myself with my favorite blend, The Scream Queen, I don't get one particular scent from the perfume I can smell all sorts of notes through the blend all day long! As the day progresses and the perfume dries down and heats up with my body temperature I can smell the tart sweetness of the berries, the luscious vanilla ice cream, and the yummie bubble gum!

If you're looking for a unique experience in your perfume world Starring would be a great place to start!

Some of the Muse's favorite blends:

The Scream Queen
Yummie Berries, Vanilla Ice Cream and Bubble Gum!

Yellow Marshmallow
Yellow Cake with fluffy marshmallow!

Red Licorice

Strawberry and Cherry Licorice! Mmmm!

Who Spiked the Cupcakes?

Yummie cotton candy, vanilla cupcakes, and frosting! Oh my how decadent!

With a Cherry on Top
White Cake, Marshmallow, and of course Cherries!

Starring also does a line of tarts which are fantastic as well! If having your house scented with yummie baked treats sounds tempting do check out the tart line up!

Starring Fragrances is Muse approved and I can't say enough good things about this great little e-shop!

The customer service is fantastic and packages are shipped in a very timely manner with little to no wait time! Ashley is extremely sweet and accommodating with requests if you should have any! Starring does ship via parcel post which makes the Muse impatient as her goodies normally end up taking from 7-10 days to arrive. This can't be helped as all liquid must be shipped via US parcel post by law! Starring even has a Frequent Buyer Reward System that offers various discounts with each order you make!

The Muse always tries to get nice goodies for you and Ashley has been kind enough to offer readers of Musings of a Muse a special treat and as it's Halloween it's always nice to get a treat or two!

You can try out a 1oz perfume for 1/2 Price from Starring Fragrances by entering code MUSE during checkout! This is a great deal as perfume's run $26 at the normal price!

Go get yourself a sweet treat for Halloween and tell the Muse all about it!



Anonymous rocketqueen said...

Ooh, wow! Sounds lovely! I do think that they are way too sweet for a Rocketqueen's latest addiction fragrance-wise is actually the Vera Wang! Love it, and it's very light and smooth. I also love Amazing Grace...which we don't have here, lol! Thank god I've got you - again! Sweden is such a budget country...which is strange because we are a pretty healthy, wealthy country! Very high taxes though... I not sure how high your taxes are but here the government take 30% directly off our pay check! Not to mention the food and cosmetics' taxes on 25%...

November 1, 2007 at 1:57 AM  
Blogger the Muse said...

Hello rocketqueen!

They are uber sweet lol! I love Vera Wang too!

Amazing Grace I just haven't quite grown to love yet! I try to love it but I dunno it doesn't work for me :) Well we have Philosophy so you know where to turn ;) I'm your girl!

Europe's VAT is insane! :( 25% on a dollar is absolutely insane. UK it's about 30-34%! It's 8% on cosmetics here and I'd say about 15-20% from paychecks. But we also have to worry about state taxes, county taxes, etc.etc..etc..! But we are much cheaper compared to Europe that's for sure!

I'm always shocked when I go out of the country and I'm paying some insane amount for something! It boggles my mind!


November 1, 2007 at 9:09 AM  
Anonymous rocketqueen said...

Wow, I think I've mentioned the VW several times here w/o even thinking further about it! Shows just how big my addiction is I guess, lol!

It's so different fom each country, when you have lived in the same country all your life like me I forget about how much I take for granted and how much I really know about the system! I'm not saying one country is better than the other, we all have benefits! It's just so strange when visiting another country and then something happens that you need medical help for. In Scotland I needed to go to the foot specialist and that was a completely different process than here! I must admit that I was pretty confused, not knowing where to turn. Oh well, hope that wasn't too much info! :O

Do you like to travel? I do, but all my money goes to my beloved makeup instead of the traveling budget, lol! I'm happy as can be anyways... :)

November 4, 2007 at 3:40 AM  
Blogger the Muse said...

LOL ;) I understand addictions :)

I agree totally! Different countries, different customs, different cultures and ways of life. It's all rather surreal sometimes when visiting away from home! I've been lucky enough to travel to many different places in the world and it's always sometimes weird to see how another lives in comparison to myself!

I love traveling :) but heck I know the feeling as my money goes on cosmetics as well lol!

Hugs Linn!
Thanks for the great comments!

November 5, 2007 at 10:38 AM  

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