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Oct 30, 2007

Your Resource for Japanese Cosmetic Reviews

I've been meaning to get to this for ages and never had a chance!

If you're by chance looking for a review on older or new Japanese Cosmetics I'll tell you my #1 resource to find out if I should or shouldn't purchase an item!

You're thinking I'm going to recommend you visit Rouge Deluxe but actually I'm not. Now I visit my lovely, sweet, gorgeous friend Iris at Rouge Deluxe obsessively 5 times or more a day ( Hey I'm her biggest fan!)!

But when I'm seeking out a review on Japanese products I must deem Kathi the Queen of reviews. You probably know her from Cozy or you probably know her from MUA. She's an absolute walking encyclopedia for all good things Japanese!

With that said I recommend you have a visit with her and go through her archives of over 200 cosmetics that she's used, taken photos of, and reviewed (I find myself drooling whenever I go back to some of her older reviews)!

If you're an MUA member you can check here out by clicking here.

If you're not an MUA member you'll have to become a member to read the reviews :) Being an MUA member has it's benefits and it's well worth your time as it's a good source of cosmetic information!

Kathi's a sweetie and a wonderful girl and takes time out of her busy schedule to do some incredible reviews! I dunno what I'd do without her!

So an Ode to Kathi and her great reviews on MUA!

Thanks for making the world of Japanese Cosmetics all the more brighter my friend!

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Anonymous helly said...

THANKS! :D hahahhaa i get so hyper everytime you do something jap lol :D i'm chinese myself, but i'm really starting to loveeeee japanese things, esp cosmetics ^^ and YOU are my no.1 resource :P
and yea, that girl is AMAZING. honestly, she's got everything and her reviews are so honest and detailed :) i don't think i'll ever purchase anything without 'consulting' you two first :D hehe

and welllll, regarding to what i said earlier, basically, i guess, just a list of places where you shop for jap cos. (even though i guess its hard for you because you get your hauls from your lil angel :P), how to navigate sites (i dont think many of us can read chinese so i guess, in a way, that means check outing hard?), experiences? :P

i dunno really, but i guess it'd be interesting to read :D

but nevertheless, its your call :D
and honestly.
just one last thing.
your a goddess for posting so many entries a day. i've never seen any other blogger do it :D
*sends flowers*

good day!

November 2, 2007 at 9:06 AM  
Blogger the Muse said...

Hello helly :)

AW I'm glad :) I get pretty hyped about Japanese cosmetics myself :)

I think the entire Japanese culture fascinates me in general (cosmetics, media, people, culture, etc..)
Aw I'm so glad I'm your number one resource for all good things Japanese :)

By all means ask any questions you like and I'll do my best to answer and guide you to good products :)

I've been working on a Japanese shopping guide for about 3 months now and just haven't posted it yet. It consists of several videos, places to buy J-cosmetics, and much more!

Actually I do alot of my shopping for j-cosmetics online as well as getting them from friends :) So I can steer you towards some great buys on the internet :) It's a matter of taking the time out to finish up the rather long, bible style instruction guide I did for scoring j-cosmetics at good prices :)

I don't read chinese either and my first experience ordering with online shops was lively lol! JpMon has good CS but they aren't very helpful about "how" to place an order! So I basically struggled through it with a little help from a translator friend!

I will most definitely do my best to complete the instruction guide for you guys soon :)

It's really important to me to update many times a day! I'm a big reader of blogs and I am so impatient for the next entry and I vowed that my readers would never have to wait for the next exciting thought that pops into my head cosmetic and beauty wise :)

Thanks for the flowers :)
and the lovely comment!

I'll be sure to get that guide up soon!

November 2, 2007 at 9:19 AM  

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