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Jul 26, 2007

The Philosophy of Lipgloss

Once upon a time, not so long ago, a wonderful guy randomly said to me, "I like lipgloss".

This is by far the cutest thing I had ever heard a straight man say. If a gay man had said it well we'd have tons to chat on and on about! But when a straight man randomly says "I like lipgloss" it's almost a compliment really because it can only mean he's really enjoying how it looks on your lips!

That little niblet felt like a good introduction to tonight's blog because really I couldn't agree with him more! I like lipgloss too (However, for entirely different reasons)!

Actually, if we want to be honest here, I don't like lipgloss really. I LOVE lipgloss!

This is a quick little blurb about philosophy lipglosses! They are quite tacky, quite sticky, and quite thick but I do so love them for some odd reason or another.

Every season we see a new one or two popping up! I couldn't be more excited to coat my lips in such exciting flavors as Candy Cane, Sugar Plum Fairy, Pink Lemonade, Muffin, Sugar Cookie, and the list goes on and on!

My little lot of philosophy glosses all happily getting to know each other!

Delight of Delights new flavors are available now! Apple, Coconut Milk, and a few others have popped up for the summer!

I give credit where credit is due. And these lip glosses deserve a healthy thumbs up for being very emollient. These aren't quite at the state of philosophy's Kiss Me gloss, you don't get that glide on super wet feeling. However, once you apply and your lips heat the gel you do get a somewhat good glossy feeling and a wonderful wet look! Unfortunately, to take away from it slightly, the glosses do feel a bit tacky and sticky on but the flavors are so awesome that you might want to just dive right in and grab a few to stick in your purse for quick touch ups!

And really, they can't all be that bad if the guy you crush on randomly says to you "I like lipgloss"....philosophy must be doing something right when you hear those lovely words! Wouldn't you agree????

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