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Jul 26, 2007

The Sadness of Beauty

What does one do when sadness beckons and sleep eludes them?

Blog about beauty of course!

The following entry is from a blog I did ages ago on Live Journal but I've revamped it for My Space! At the moment I am not feeling my normal self so I'm entitled to a mark up and edit of this very blog. It gives me something to do with my mind less it wander into my heart.

Givenchy. Ah the posh richness of Givenchy's color collections! I guess I can rightly be called a newbie to Givenchy's make-up line as I really only started collecting it this past fall. A friend brought me a blush as a gift and this started my downward spiral into the expensive habit of tracking down and purchasing new Givenchy palettes! Yes I do curse her everyday after!

Givenchy's line is probably one of the only make-up lines I've seen sell out so quickly! It's not sold in many places and it's difficult to track down the items when they do finally pop up somewhere! I'm fool enough to call every Sephora from 42nd Street to Times Square trying to locate one palette! Online you say? Impossible! Sells out in a snap!

The spring line was probably my favorite thus far!

The Arty line is bright, bold, and colorful as all hell! I'd love to say that I have the entire collection but I somehow mustered up enough willpower to puchase the blush and the eye palette only! It seemed too ridiculous to actually spend all that kind of money on the entire line! Maybe when I win the lotto! I'll whisper this really low but I also didn't spend the money on it because I just felt I wasn't in the same league as the collection! Hell you have to be drop dead, outstanding gorgeous to wear make-up this lovely and I'm not entirely in that catagory! (Jesus I hope no one important is reading this! I won't mention any names but he's likely going to bloody snuff me out for saying that I am not gorgeous! Lucky am I he thinks so ya? Ok ok ok back to the make-up).

Since fall I've come across some great palettes they have done but by far this has been the best of the lot!

If you have some spare change rattling around in your pockets and you really want to purchase something different, I highly recommend either the Arty Blush or the Arty Eye palette! Or both! Oh my! These are too amazing products that Givenchy has outdone themselves on!

My tiny lot from the Arty Color Collection:

Cheers to Givenchy! High hopes we see new, exciting colors come the winter!
It should take me till that time to find the newest palette released for the summer!

I'm off to put out signs in the neighborhood! "Have you seen this palette?" Reward offered for any information regarding its where abouts!

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