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Sep 1, 2008

The Weekly Beauty Read


In honor of the newest limited edition collection from MAC Cosmetics, Cult of Cherry; Roselyn from Makeup Makes Me Happy does a gorgeous makeup tutorial, showing you how to achieve a fabulous look for this upcoming Fall season!.

Beauty Anonymous reviews YSL’s fall eye shadow palette.

Lilan of The Daily Cookie shows you how easy it is to use Anastasia’s Brow Pen to tint your eyebrows with a fun video how-to!

A Touch of Blusher looks at Paul & Joe’s fall 2008 base makeup collection

Looking for a lipgloss that will stay put and last a long time? Then check out The Makeup Divas review on the Mac Lustre Twins.

Need smoother legs longer? Cybelesays has found one that keeps legs smooth and totally moisturized.

15 Minute Beauty Fanatic has found natural, medium coverage foundation, from the drugstore!

Beauty Blogging Junkie has partnered with Three Custom Color to provide 25 readers with TCC’s new Watercolours for Cheeks in Wallflower, a dewy beige. Click here for more info on how to enter.

If you’re a Bobbi Brown makeup fan (and who isn’t?) Beauty411 has the latest on new Bobbi Brown palettes!

Rouge Deluxe offers a sneak peek at Lancome Holiday’08!

Beauty Junkie in SF recommends going nude with NARS Striptease lip gloss. It’s HOT!

Beauty Banter tests the Worlds first organic skincare range… and finds the most AMAZING moisturizer!

Elke shares a great tip on how to mistake fix your makeup.

Product Girl shows you how to make your own lipstick palette and it’s easy as pie!

Need a new body cream? See which are Christine’s favorites over at Beauty in Real Life.

Kyle at , Face Candy, shows you how she is using Pashmina shawls to brighten complexions at her wedding.

LashBlast had better watch her back. There’s a new voluptuous lash in town, and she’s wearing Exceptionnel de Chanel Intense Volume and Curl Mascara. The creamy formula and six-sided brush took Spoiled Pretty’s lashes up, up and away!

makeup loves me wants to give you one of fall’s hottest mascaras. click here to learn how you can win your own spinlash.



Blogger fiftycenthead said...

Hi, Miss Muse!
I always love the pictures you select!

Wanna play a game with us? Check it out on my blog -



September 1, 2008 at 9:14 PM  
Blogger the Muse said...

hey there jen:)


Sure! Will go check it out!

September 2, 2008 at 12:47 PM  
Blogger Autumn Masquerade said...

Hi Muse,

I hope your first day back wasn't too bad. I was grumpy all morning. I cheered up when it was time to drop off the parcel to Children's Home. They sounded really excited about it.

I am reserved about many so called charities too. I don't like donating to ones that aren't efficient with their money. When I donate, I like my money to get to the cause I am trying to further. It does help when someone you know has experience with it.

I hope Sephora eventually improves the lighting. Good lighting can make the difference between a little splurge and a big one. =D

Don't all the new releases sometimes make you dizzy? Eek! I sometimes feel like the little mouse in Cinderella, that dizzy dizzy dizzy song the mice sing about Cinderelley.

The Beauty Event is the time to splurge. Since makeup basically never goes on sale, it's nice to at least get the GWP! It's already available online and begins on Fri in stores.

That otter video is just too cute! We actually have several types of otters at our local zoo and I could just watch them for hours. The sea otters are the easiest to see - they're also the biggest!

Vichy edits its range based on the country. They actually have items in Canada they don't have in France. I also rather liked the Evian skincare range but it's difficult to get.

Ooh! The rose pearl shade does sound nice. It sounds like a cross between the rose velvet and pearl and shine.

That's so sweet of your friend in Holland to keep sending care packages.

The Susan I am talking about was at Saks but left it to be brand mgr at Sephora. She's not pushy enthusiastic though. I dislike it when they act that way to sell. It's nice though when it's something they'll use. So yes, I do know what you mean when they are into it to sell it rather than for the brand itself.

I'll definitely let you know about the masks. I think I'll spring for the Kose one later this month.

Yes, Brisingr has a midnight party that begins on Fri the 19th. I however plan to sleep and then get it in the morning. Not as young as when the HP books started to have midnight parties...

Eek! That'd be terrible if SM never releases Edward's side of the tale! Nooo! Perhaps we really will need to start an internet petition.

Sometimes I wanted to tell Bella to believe more in herself. I admittedly prefer a stronger lead character.

Have you read the Rune of the Unmaking Series or City of Bones? Those are also good books.

I never was into romance but I can definitely see that genre always having a thing for vampires. GO totally took Dracula from scary monster to a romantic figurine.

If you think FF does have an oily feel at first, it probably does. Like I said, my sense of oily is a bit skewed. I'll be certainly interested to hear your thoughts on it!

I am very sorry about the whole breakup thing. Hugs anytime you need them. Trying hard does count...and you're not acting like Bella in Book 2, thank goodness. I'd be really really worried!

I just like seeing variety in magazines. It gets boring to see the same look throughout the entire mag.

He he...I can believe that you have to be younger than 15 to be in Vogue. Is it just me or do most of the models look the same these days?

Yes, I did get the Chanel liner compact! It's quite nice but certainly in the gray range. Blackstar is really the darkest of all the shades. I hope Nordies ships my meteorites and quad very soon here...

The sparkly shade of the two (lame) is very nice. Actually the duo reminds me a lot of the BE kit.

When I get the quad, I plan on a review.

I'm about to start traveling a lot for work again. Blah. Travel 25%+ of the time gets old fast. Small wonder that I don't like traveling much for vacation with all the work travel. Although I really ought to make it back to the Big Apple. There's no place like New York.

Children's Home is thinking of having a makeup technique class for the adoptees at some point! I think that would be so cool. When you have a flat crease eyelid, you do have to alter certain techniques.

Do you ever stop by Magnolia Bakery? We're finally getting a Sprinkles here, hurrah! I love cupcakes. Although I love gelato more. My one consolation about being sent to FL during hurricane season is they have good gelato.

Anywho, I hope you are doing well! I'll try to send happy thoughts your way.

Take care of yourself! Love ya lots!

September 2, 2008 at 6:27 PM  
Blogger the Muse said...

hi bets!

How are you today!?

Not too bad but definately draggy :) entire week is :P

Aw yay! How did it work out? Did they love it!?

Ditto. I'm very reserved about charities I donate too! It's difficult tracking where money goes and what not so word of mouth is always fantastic as who better to trust than friends?

My main sephora recently revamped and the lighting is considerable better. They are using very bright lighting which isn't always good for application but considerably better than the really dull yellow they used to have!

Yes, very much so. I've recently been discovered so to speak by companies and it's very difficult keeping up with the demands of PR plus my own collection of goodies. I feel a little burnt out actually lol!

hehe great reference to that song :)

It's def nice to get a GWP although I normally don't bother with it. I use it as swap bait or give to a friend :) But still nice to get a goodie :)

Yes, I seen! It's a rather nice bag :)

Penguins are another animal I can watch for hours on end :)

It doesn't surprise me vichy edits accordingly and as always we get the sh*t end of the stick :P

I didn't even know Evian had a skincare line up! Interesting!

It's lovely and creates a rather full natural look :)

Aha! That's the Susan I know! She's very enthusiastic but I always felt like she was so she could sell. Maybe I was wrong?!

Cool I am looking forward to your thoughts on the mask :)

Honey I hear you. I normally pre-order b/c I can't be arsed to go to the store and get it lol! Plus it's cheaper :)

A few years ago midnight parties were great but I think I'm getting old.

lord lol I'm sure the fangirls have already started an internet petition for edward's story :)

I think Bella was strong in some aspects but I understood where she was coming from with her doubts...but she was emo overkill jesus!


Neither. Something new to get into :) Tell me more about these books :)

I've never quite outgrown romance. I started reading 'em when I was like 12 and I do every so often indulge. They are interesting I guess. Completely brain mushy candy but enjoyable. I prefer sci/fi/supernatural and historical etc..actually come to think of it if it's on paper with printed text I'll read it lol!

Sadly, the color for the FF was a tiny bit was sent to me in a 5 however it worked perfectly but I def want to indulge in 1 :)

Thanks so much for your thoughts on my break up! *hugs* Thanks honey!

I feel better that's what matters most to me. I felt terrible before when I was with him and I feel relief right now even though it hurts terribly but I was honestly feel so bad with him that it's hard to describe. We had great times, I loved him, was HARD. It really was hard. I lost myself..I HATED losing myself. I'm just no refinding me and that feels good.

Anyway :)

HELL NO LOL! Bella is overkill emo :)

I agree :( I noticed I've been reviewing items that appear in mags almost round the same time and I felt the need to spice things up some as that was definately a big no for me as I'm not wanting to be a poor repetition of some magazine :P

LOL I do see the appeal in younger models however it's definately a bit much at times :)

They do look the same!!!

Really?! It looks uber ultra black is it more gray? Do review please :)

I think you're lucky. I'd love to travel for work :)
Well thank ye! New York and me thank you :)

On that's fantastic can you volunteer to help out!? I agree. Learning to do makeup on a different eye set is an entirely new experience. I love watching my friends apply as it's fascinating to watch! I have so much space to work with that it's a novelty to watch someone who has so little space create a gorgeous look!

I keep away from bakeries in manhattan..EVIL! lol!

We have a new place called the Iron tomato that sells a SLEW of italian food, goodies, etc..and you guessed it...awesome gelato :) hehe!


Thanks love. I'm truly great :) Big hugs to you!

Talk really soon! PS Can I get your addy again!?


September 3, 2008 at 2:23 PM  

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