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Nov 17, 2007

The Weekly Beauty Read

It's going to be quite a busy weekend for your Muse so here's the Weekly Beauty Blogroll a little bit early ;)


Happy Weekend!
See you Monday!

15 Minute Beauty Fanatic kicks off a week of reviewing Dr. Brandt's Skin Care!

All Lacquered Up's Nail Tip Of The Week - Pedi Socks

Bionic Beauty covers the freebies offered by Jergens Skincare and Lotions.

Does the LeSportsac Tokidoki Bag stand up to the rigorous testing of a day in the life of Makeup and Beauty Blog?

Makeup Moxie reviews Shiseido Lip Gloss...and loves it!

Temptalia Reviews MAC's Of Beauty Collection with swatches and product photos!

Celebrity Makeup Artist Brett Freedman talks to Hello Dollface!

A Touch of Blusher declares, "This is the ONLY eyelash curler I ever need!"

Savvy Skin says My Body Wash Clogged My Pores.

Beauty and Personality Grooming:Sandalwood as beauty aid.

SugarShock scores a flawless face with per-fekt skin perfecting gel.

Scandalous Beauty unveils a Smoky Eye Tutorial on location at the Make Up For Ever Boutique and Studio!

Makeup Loves Me meets her perfect red lipstick.



Anonymous rocketqueen said...

Hi there! I've just had the best cosy evening with a good dinner and my SO! So relaxing after a hard days' lawn mowing in school, lol! Tomorrow I think it's party time, good heavens! Have to stay away from that wine... I was shopping today and got some lovely cardboard boxes with a beautiful pattern to store my stuff in, relieving to finally get some things in order here!

Hope you're having the BEST weekend! Sending a hug to you!

Oh and by the way, about the Heirlooms brush sets... think I'll add one of those to my list if you have the time and money right now to pick one up! I'd love the Basic one. Would that be okay? Hope they're still available!

Lots of love! And your emails are lovely and so much fun to read! I'll get back to you soon!

November 16, 2007 at 5:57 PM  
Blogger the Muse said...

'ello linn!

Good morning to you! New York has seen it's first snow today and I was thinking of you when I was driving to work today!

LOL! Did you get the mower back together??? =)

I'm utterly addicted to buying boxes, containers, and such to store stuff in :)

Big hugs back to you!

Sure let me know which =)
They are indeed still up and available!

Lots of love back to you!

Yours are too =)

Talk really soon!

November 19, 2007 at 9:03 AM  
Anonymous Linn said...

Why that is soo sweet to think of me! :) Hooray, snow!

The mower got back together allright! We were actually the first group where the parts didn't flew off of the mower when kickstarting it! Pretty exciting I must say! Today we had a measuring day where we got to try all kinds of different instruments to measure tiny things with (in micrometers), so to be careful and precise was highly important! So tired from concentrating intensely to get everything right!

We have just rented Tarantino's Death Proof so I'm off to a nice cosy evening with, hopefully, a decent movie! Promise to write more soon! :) (Wait a minute, did I write "cosy evening" again?! That's apparently the basics of my evenings lol! But hey, I like to relax and take it easy so why not..:)

Oh, the Basic brush set would be heavenly, I'll go for that. It's actually supposed to be a Xmas gift from my SO to me so he says Hi and Thank you so much! Would be great if you could get that. If there's anything you need from this side just let me know, anytime! :)

Hope everything's great with you! Talk to you soon and lots of hugs!

November 19, 2007 at 12:21 PM  
Blogger the Muse said...

hehe =) I couldn't help it! The snow just made me think of you =) It's stopped now and I doubt we'll have more but it was nice to have some!

Thank god the mower got put together hehe! It sounds like a very interesting class!

Death Proof was quite good but I liked Planet Terror a bit better!

LOL nothing wrong with cozy evenings when it's cold out =)

sounds good! I'll grab the basic :) Hehe you're both most welcome!

Thank YOU for the offer =) *hugs* I'm sure sooner or later I'll want something ;)

Talk soon!

November 19, 2007 at 2:30 PM  

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