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Jul 25, 2007

$27 Down the Drain and None the Richer For It!

Benefit has gone and stolen money from me again! I've been conned, I've been had, I've been hoodwinked (a little drama never hurt anyone)!

Benefit is such a hit or miss company that it never fails to fascinate me how they can make some seriously awesome products and in the blink of an eye come out with a piece of shit product that has absolutely no use!

I have some really mega staples from Benefit in my train case that if I was thrown on a desert island and they said I could only have a few cosmetics, these items would be with me!

I continue to buy Benefit cosmetics because I enjoy the emotional lottery! Sometimes I buy it and it's freaking amazing and I can't live without it and sometimes I buy it and I feel like I should have taken my money and lit a match to it!

In all seriousness Benefit makes some amazing items! I can't live without (I'm talking about throwing myself off the Empire State Building if I can't get these products!!!!)
Bo-ing, Dandelion, Lemon-Aid, Maybe Baby, and Get Even!

Some items I've thrown away cash on and almost (not quite but almost) wanted to slit my wrists over were Dr. Feelgood (Can you say acne in a cute compact? This makes me break out like I'm 14 again!), Not On My Pillow Which I don't even think they make anymore! One season and it's not in the catalog anymore! That shows you how hard it sucks!), Badgal Lash (OH MY GOD! Worse Mascara EVER!), Dallas (If you enjoy looking like you played in the mud this is the blush for you!), High Beam....oh my word this list is huge!

I guess I should say that even though my list of items I don't like is long, I do believe that my list of loves makes up for the crummy products I've tried from Benefit!

Weirdly enough some or even most of the ones I don't like appear on their best seller list so I guess I'm a nit picker and everyone else is really digging them! Who knows really?!

Last week I read on Make-Up Bag about the newest addition to Benefit's family!

Behold! Another shit product from Benefit! I applaud your efforts Benefit but this stuff SUCKS! I want my money back damnit!

Benefit Says:
Go from dull to darling with "that gal." It's a silky pink primer that makes skin appear smoother & brighter. Wear alone for clear complexion radiance or apply before makeup for smooth, effortless application. Re-brighten during the day with "that gal." It's the "that gal" perfection for a happy complexion.

Excitement doesn't even begin to explain what I felt when I read this little blurb about "That Gal" from Benefit! I was racing around in circles at the prospect of something that would give me the appearance of brighter, healthier looking skin! Honestly I had put this product up with possibly being as great as Get Even or Bo-ing!!!!

I couldn't race to the website fast enough to order me some!

And I got it....

And it sucks....


I used it several ways upon receiving it! First time I tried it on a clean, foundation free face! I got absolutely no brighness, nothing. It's pale pink in color but it goes on completely sheer. It was almost like using High Beam minus the shimmer!

That's ok. I'd do it a different way! It would work if I tried it with foundation! Yes, that's the key! Fast forward to the next morning!

I applied my foundation and proceeded to apply "That Gal" No brightness, no visble change what so ever to my face.

It's ok! I knew if I packed it in my make-up case and used it as a touch up tool it would work then for sure!

Fast forward some more........

Noon Time Make-Up Touch Up.

I got out my
Mineral Veil Compact and was just about to apply when it struck me that I'd forgotten about "That Gal!"

I'd use it for a touch up as recommend by Benefit!

So I shoved my compact back into my purse and proceeded to touch up using "That Gal"....




I think I mentioned this before....


So the moral of today's story kids is that Benefit has created yet another product that has absolutely no use to me! I know Benefit will gladly take it back and give me my money but I don't have the time to bother shipping it back so I just slapped it on
MUA for some poor soul to experience!

This one is another miss for Benefit!

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